Highlights: Songs Centered Around or Referencing Suicide, Vol. 2

Highlights from “Songs Centered Around or Referencing Suicide, Vol. 2” features music courtesy of Badflower, Billie Eilish, Clairo, Lost in the Trees, and XXXTentacion. Suicide. It’s one of those words that carries so much depression, devastation, and pain. It’s one of the loneliest, bothersome, and saddest ways to die.  The original playlist, Songs Centered Around or…

Love Fame Tragedy, Backflip: Single Review

Love Fame Tragedy, the solo project of Matthew “Murph” Murphy (The Wombats), drops a superb second single, “Backflip,” from his forthcoming EP. The songwriting tackles a ‘tried and true’ theme – love.  Love makes for many a captivating song, and “Backflip” is no different by Love Fame Tragedy (the first solo project by Matthew “Murph” Murphy, the guitarist and lead…

Dabble in Evil on These Wild True Crime Playlists

Prepare to ‘dabble in evil’ as we sift through this hellish true crime playlists, comprised of songs written about serial killers, mass murderers, cult leaders, and sometimes, the victims themselves.

Two Can’t Miss Curated Rap Playlists

February 2018 saw the birth of two can’t-miss curated rap playlists: ‘31 Rap Songs That Reference Condoms’ and ‘27 Secular, Religious-Referencing Rap Songs.’

Did Your Favorite Kelly Clarkson Song Make The Best of List?

After more than 15 years into an incredible career, we examine the 20 best songs from pop superstar Kelly Clarkson.  Did your favorite make our list?  Below, you will find the top-five,  excerpted from the complete list. 1.“Since U Been Gone” Breakaway • 19 / RCA • 2004   Somehow, “Since U Been Gone,” one…

11 Songs About Crying from Beyond 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a tearful playlist for you: 11 Songs About Crying from Beyond 2010!  It’s simple! The 11 selected songs on this playlist have some form of the word ‘cry’ in their title.  Examples would be cry, crying, cried, etc. Some of the artists make the song cry, while many are crybabies….

Best Albums of 2017

Kendrick Lamar (DAMN.), Jay-Z (4:44), Lorde (Melodrama), Father John Misty (Pure Comedy), and The National (Sleep Well Beast) top ‘50 Best Albums of 2017.’ Source: 50 Best Albums of 2017 | Year in Review