Miley Cyrus’ Crazy Antics Continue, But Her “Nightmare” Is Tame (Review)

For all the fanfare of a recent NSFW spread for Paper Magazine (remember when Kim Kardashian broke the internet?), Miley Cyrus’ new song, entitled “Nightmare,” is much more conservative than one might envision. No “dancing with Molly” (“We Can’t Stop”) or coming in “like a wrecking ball” (“Wrecking Ball”) this time. Nope, just simply “trying,…

3 Quick Musical Takeaways for Tuesday May 12, 2014

Takeaway #1 Solange went all ‘angry black woman’ on Jay-Z, while Beyoncé maintained her normal demeanor as her man was being attacked… Hmm, so much for having “99 Problems and a b**ch ain’t one”.  Apparently, the younger Knowles is the feistier one of the two, unleashing her inner firecracker for the entire world to see….