Playlist: 45 Songs With the F-Bomb in Their Title

Don’t call this list profound, call it profane! Corny yes, but true! All of the songs on this list feature every college guy’s (and probably girl’s) favorite expletive in some form – that would be the f-word if you were confused. So, here goes the list! 1) 2Pac, “F*ck The World” (Me Against The World)…

‘Scissor Sisters’ Shines 10 Years Later

10 years ago, Scissor Sisters debuted with their debut pop/rock album, Scissor Sisters. The name of the band itself is incredibly risqué; ‘scissor sisters’ is slang for a lesbian sexual position. Given the flamboyance as well as the gargantuan amount of energy and enthusiasm exhibited throughout the band’s music, the band name seems to fit….