R. Kelly, Black Panties

30 Simply Filthy R&B Songs!

Janet Jackson, Damita Jo

Love hasn’t faded from R&B completely, believe it or not. That said sex is definitely in its trendiest position ever within the genre. Folks, parental advisory labels are popping up everywhere these days and for good reason. Basically, “Darling Nikki” would barely qualify the explicit label these days. Some R&B songs are just simply filthy. Here are 30 simply filthy R&B songs that indulge into the physical as opposed to emotional.


1) Usher, “Good Kisser” (2014)  

“Good Kisser” definitely is “not that innocent.” Think kissing a banana… or don’t.


2) Marsha Ambrosius, “69” (Friends & Lovers, 2014)

The 2 Live Crew sample confirms the song title is accurate: “Face down, a$$ up / that’s the way we like to…” Catch the drift?


3) R. Kelly, “Cookie” (Black Panties, 2013)

Oreos will never taste the same in the hands of R. Kelly. “How many licks does it…” – sorry that’s a Tootsie Roll.


4) Rihanna, “Cockiness (Love It)” (Talk That Talk, 2011) 

Can you say double entendre? The key words that stand out are suck, cockiness, lick, eat, swallow, and come. Rihanna – you so nasty girl!


5) Trey Songz “Love Faces” (Passion, Pain & Pleasure, 2010)

The only thing the song title leaves to the imagination are the facial expressions Trey and his girl make as they do it. Yep, that’s it in a nutshell.


6) Kelly Rowland, “Kisses Down Low” (Talk A Good Game, 2013)

Any time the word “arch” is used in an R&B song, it’s definitely not referring to the foot.


7) R. Kelly featuring Ludacris, “Legs Shakin’” (Black Panties, 2013)

There’s no restless leg syndrome going on here… Need clarification: “I’m goin’ down, down, down / and do it ‘til your legs shakin’.” There it is.


8) Tweet, “Oops Oh My” (Southern Hummingbird. 2002)

Self-love may be a common occurrence, but it’s doesn’t commonly occur via the pop song. Well, ‘cept for Tweet’s “Oops Oh My.”


9) Jeremih, “Birthday Sex” (Jeremih, 2009)

Few would deny this would be a fantastic birthday gift. The even better gift would be if everyday could be your birthday. Think about it.


10) Estelle, “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)” (2014)

Imagination is a thing of he past apparently. Estelle keeps it 100. In fact, she keeps its 150.


11) Janet Jackson, “Sexhibition” (Damita Jo , 2004)

So basically Janet and company combined the words “sex” and “exhibition.” It is what it is, though it seems kind of redundant – particularly at the end when Janet says, “relax, it’s just sex.”


12) Kelly Rowland, “Motivation” (Here I Am, 2011)

Well at least Kelly found a different way to sing about sex – her plan is to “be your motivation.” And to add, “And when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs…” Whoa – “oh lover” is right!


13) Beyoncé, “Rocket” (Beyoncé, 2013)

The opening lines let the listener know they’re in for a ride: “Let me sit this a$$ on you…”


14) Jaheim, “P**** Appreciation Day” (Appreciation Day, 2013)

Talk about being dramatic: “So warm it’s so soft, it’s so tight, it’s the greatest / so I laid in it, played in it / stayed their ‘til daybreak…” Freaky, freaky, freaky!


15) T-Pain, “Put It Down” (Epiphany, 2007)

Wonder what Teddy Pain means when he says, “I’mma stick, stick, stick, stick, ooh?”

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Mary J. Blige, Bumbershoot 2010

One Favorite Song From Each Mary J. Blige Album

"MaryJBligeLive2010" by Amber - Mary J Blige. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:MaryJBligeLive2010.jpg#mediaviewer/File:MaryJBligeLive2010.jpg.

Before Beyoncé became known as ‘The Queen,’ there was the ‘Queen of Hip-Hop Soul,’ one exceptionally gifted artist by the name of Mary J. Blige or MJB for short. Over a twenty-plus year career, Blige has captivated audiences with her emotional, raw vocal performances that pull at the heartstrings and give you “goosies” as Jennifer Lopez might say. Looking over her ‘loaded’ discography, here is one favorite song from each album. Yes, this also includes Reflections: A Retrospective (2006) and Think Like a Man Too (2014). It excludes remix/live albums.

1) “Real Love” from What’s The 411? (1992)

“Real Love” was a big hit for MJB, crowning the R&B/Hip-Hop Singles and peaking at#7 on the Hot 100. Blige’s debut album What’s The 411 was stacked with hits, with the formidable “Reminisce” coming in a close second to “Real Love.”

2) “I’m Goin’ Down” from My Life (1994)

Covers must be truly special to warrant being selected as the first option off from a studio album. Blige’s cover of Rose Royce’s hit was just that good, really. That said, My Life as a whole has an argument to be considered Blige’s best album, filled with top-notch records including “You Bring Me Joy” and “Be Happy.  

3) “Not Gon’ Cry” from Share My World (1997)

“I should’ve left your a** long time ago!” At this point in her career, it could be argued that “Not Gon’ Cry” was Blige’s biggest hit. The song, featured on the popular Waiting To Exhale Soundtrack, just missed the top spot on the Hot 100 (#2) while earning MJB another #1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Singles. As good as “Not Gon’ Cry” is, “Missing You” can’t be ignored as one of Share My World’s most notable songs.

4) “All That I Can Say” from Mary (1999)

Lush, jazzy soul single “All That I Can Say” didn’t exactly ignite the pop charts (#44 Hot 100), but it easily remains one of the most memorable vocal performances of her career. A close runner-up, “Don’t Waste Your Time,is no slouch, featuring none other than soul legend Aretha Franklin.


5) “Family Affair” from No More Drama (2001)

This is a no-brainer! Mary J. Blige’s sole #1 hit on the pop charts was nothing short of awesome. Mary had everyone “getting their a** on the dance floor.” No More Drama is another MJB with no shortage of hits, including the title track and the incredibly soulful “He Think I Don’t Know.”

6) “Not Today” from Love & Life (2003)

Love & Life doesn’t get the respect that other Mary albums do, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have some notable material. “Not Today” definitely felt fresh in 2003 – thanks to production by Dr. Dre and rapping courtesy of Eve. The single also retained the signature Blige sound as well. The argument could justifiably be made that songs like “Don’t Go,” “When We,” and “Love @ 1st Sight” eclipse “Not Today.”

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25 Best R&B Albums of 2013

It truly saddens me to see R&B, a personal favorite style of music, in a state of uncertainty.  2013 found the numbers of R&B down considerably, a trend that is consistent year in and year out. Save for a select few commercial bright spots (led by an unexpected Beyoncé album), R&B only dented the charts.   Even so, finding 25 albums with some significance wasn’t difficult … Continue reading 25 Best R&B Albums of 2013