10 Raunchy R. Kelly Songs For Valentines Day

R Kelly-20131216-71

Ah, Valentines Day – my favorite celebratory day! NOT!  While I’m not one who’s big on Cupid, I’ll at least share with the lovers everywhere in the spirit of music.  Earlier, I penned a genuine list of legit Valentines songs.  However, why not have fun with a certain raunchy R&B artist by the name of R. Kelly?  Face it, Kells is plumb nasty and has a discography full of risqué, over-the-top songs that are definitely NOT love songs.  Sure, Kelly has written some love songs too, but he seems to prosper in the realm of all things sexual.  Here are 10 raunchy songs from Kelly for Valentines Day.  Let your inner-freak awaken… or just shake your head like I do every time I hear any of these songs.    

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