Review: Asheru, ‘Sleepless in Soweto’

Asheru’s Thoughtful Rhymes Shine on Sleepless in Soweto  Asheru • Sleepless in Soweto • Guerrilla Arts Ink • US Release Date: November 12, 2013 Perhaps the best way to describe Gabriel Been – aka Asheru – is a true ‘Renaissance Man’.  In other words, Asheru is a well-rounded individual.  Sure, he’s a talented MC, but additionally Asheru is an educator, activist, and a Peabody … Continue reading Review: Asheru, ‘Sleepless in Soweto’

20 Best Rap Albums of 2013

2013 has been an exceptional year for rap album releases.  Some were hot, while others were far from it – cold as Antarctica.  Still overall, there were plenty of releases to be proud of, no questions asked.  Below, you’ll find my ‘MIA’ list as well as my top 20 rap albums of 2013.  This excludes mixtapes and previously released material FYI.

Missing in Action:

91vjT-yzGFL._SL1500_Jay-Z, Magna Carta…Holy Grail

Roc Nation

Had its moments, but didn’t feel nor sound like elite Jay-Z.

Lil Wayne, I Am Not A Human Being II


Tunechi wasn’t at his best.

Tyga, Hotel California


Felt completely uninspired compared to 2012 effort Carless World: Rise of the Last King

61UFD4qjpDL._SL500_AA280_French Montana, Excuse My French


Lacked a strong musical personality; didn’t feel elite… 

Rich Gang, Rich Gang


Sounds like all they think about is money and not quality.

Maybach Music Group, Self Made 3


A notch less satisfying than Self Made 2 was…

DJ Khaled, Suffering from Success


Plays like any number of DJ Khaled albums – that’s both a blessing and a curse…

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Review: DJ Khaled, ‘Suffering from Success’

Khaled’s Not ‘Suffering from Success’, perhaps suffers from a lack of innovation…  DJ Khaled⎪ Suffering From Success⎪ Cash Money ⎪⎪ US Release Date: October 22, 2013 If there is one reservation I (and likely others) have with DJ Khaled’s albums, it is that generally they all seem ‘one-dimensional’.  Maybe that is a harsh critique, or maybe it’s just actual reality.  Of the Khaled albums that … Continue reading Review: DJ Khaled, ‘Suffering from Success’

Short Take: Goodie Mob, ‘Age Against The Machine’

Goodie Mob stretch the definition of the standard rap album Goodie Mob⎪Right Records⎪Age Against The Machine⎪⎪ US Release Date: August 27, 2013 Goodie Mob’s first new album since 1999 is nothing short of a fascinating listen.  Face it, the minute it begins, it’s obvious who took the reins… one idiosyncratic, unique genre-bending artist named Cee Lo Green.  Because it is such a unique affair, it … Continue reading Short Take: Goodie Mob, ‘Age Against The Machine’