Ranking Beyoncé’s Albums (2016 Update)

Once more, Beyoncé shocked the world by releasing her sixth album, Lemonade unannounced. Now the question is, how does Lemonade fit in the context of Beyoncé’s discography? Re-examining Beyoncé’s studio albums here is how I would rank them. Remember, this is one person’s subjective opinion.

Ranking Jill Scott’s Albums [Discography Analysis]

  Jill Scott returned in 2015 with her fifth studio album Woman. One thing about Jill is she doesn’t know what a bad album is, a fact that wasn’t lost on Woman. Still, where does Woman fit in the ranks of her rich discography? Let’s rank Scott’s five studio albums! 1) Beautifully Human: Words And…

Ranking Kelly Clarkson Six Studio Albums 

So the 12 Best Kelly Clarkson Songs are in the books, but what about ranking the best Kelly Clarkson albums? Is My December better than Breakaway? These are important things folks – these are MUST-KNOW – Phew! For this ranking, Wrapped in Red was omitted, hence leaving only Clarkson’s six studio albums of original material….

Ranking Seven Reviewed Albums From January 2014

In January 2014, I reviewed seven new album releases.  Sure, there were some other reviews thrown in the mix, including the Arctic Monkey’s AM that I’d slept on previously in September, a Pitbull EP from last November (Meltdown) housing a former number one hit called “Timber”, and a P!nk live tour DVD, but none apply…

Keyshia Cole: Ranking Her 5 Albums

After examining Rihanna‘s septuplet of albums, I decided to examine another R&B diva who recently released her fifth studio album,  – Keyshia Cole (Woman To Woman). Of her five albums, Keyshia Cole has had 3 platinum albums in the span of 2005 – 2012.  1. Just Like You Release Date: 9.25.06 Chart Performance:  bowed at no. 2 with 281,000…