Highlights: Songs Centered Around or Referencing Suicide, Vol. 2

Highlights from “Songs Centered Around or Referencing Suicide, Vol. 2” features music courtesy of Badflower, Billie Eilish, Clairo, Lost in the Trees, and XXXTentacion. Suicide. It’s one of those words that carries so much depression, devastation, and pain. It’s one of the loneliest, bothersome, and saddest ways to die.  The original playlist, Songs Centered Around or…

11 Songs About Crying from Beyond 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a tearful playlist for you: 11 Songs About Crying from Beyond 2010!  It’s simple! The 11 selected songs on this playlist have some form of the word ‘cry’ in their title.  Examples would be cry, crying, cried, etc. Some of the artists make the song cry, while many are crybabies….

Playlist: Number Songs

On the 14 songs that grace this playlist, numbers serve as a central part of the song and song title.

Favorite Fantasia Songs?!

R&B fans – better yet Fantasia fans, what is your favorite song from her catalogue? Personally, “Bittersweet” tickles my fancy (Back To Me, 2010).  After examining all five of Fantasia’s albums (including The Definition Of), I selected a favorite and a least favorite from each.  Besides “Bittersweet” what made the list? Check it out at the link below!…

One Favorite from Each Keyshia Cole Album (Playlist)

R&B gets a lot of criticism, a lot of which is at the hand of a fan – yours truly.  Yes, though I’m skeptical of the future of the genre, it just might be my favorite.  Hard call of course, being a musician with too many albums to count…  But enough rambling, this post is…