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Why One Direction WON’T Survive a ‘Break’ – Opinion  

  Tweens everywhere go ahead and “cry a river.” One Direction is going bye-bye. It is finished; it’s a done deal. When a boy band claims they’re “taking a break,” it usually isn’t temporary but rather permanent. Even if One Direction return after their “break” as has been suggested, will they be nearly as revered? Likely the answer is a resounding no. Time sometimes heals, … Continue reading Why One Direction WON’T Survive a ‘Break’ – Opinion  

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One Direction: The Post Zayn Malik Era

Suddenly, there’s more significance to the album title Four.  What – too soon? Highly successful British (and Irish) boy band One Direction was hit with a brick – better yet a gargantuan cement block. The band’s most ‘mysterious’ member, Zayn Malik announced he’s calling it quits. Zayn, how you gonna quit One Direction, the five-piece musical package with five ridiculously good looking guys meant to make … Continue reading One Direction: The Post Zayn Malik Era

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Review: One Direction, ‘Midnight Memories’

1D grow up some on Midnight Memories, lose some of their fun One Direction • Midnight Memories • Syco • US Release Date: November 25, 2013 Once more, everyone’s favorite boy band One Direction return with their third album in two years… yes you read that correctly.  On the one hand, it could be argued that One Direction should be perfect candidates for overexposure, like really.  Yet on the the … Continue reading Review: One Direction, ‘Midnight Memories’

Is One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” Really the Best? Well…

One Direction⎪ “Best Song Ever” – Single ⎪ Syco ⎪⎪ US Release: July 22, 2013 If I were to reflect upon all the music I’ve heard throughout my twenty-six years of life, it would be incredibly difficult to pinpoint one definitive ‘best song ever’.  Even though personally it’s difficult to choose from numerous gems that have tickled my fancy,  British (and Irish for Niall of … Continue reading Is One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” Really the Best? Well…

OMG, A New One Direction Video (“Kiss You”)!

I know, I know, I’ve been on a teen-pop tangent. But it wouldn’t be complete without One Direction right? I mean I’ve shown the non-LOVE to Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone, even discussing Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance for good measure. Well, now to give Simon Cowell‘s “bank” band some more press for lack of a better word.  So here it goes. When I reviewed One Direction’s sophomore album Take Me Home (and … Continue reading OMG, A New One Direction Video (“Kiss You”)!

Album Analysis: One Direction, Take Me Home



Sometimes as reviewers when we analyze a particular album, we come to the conclusion that given the niche that the prescribed act/artist is intrenched in and given satisfactory material attuned for that niche, the respective artist has delivered a credible album. Being unbiased and remaining objective enough for the most part is the role of a good reviewer.  That said, infusing our own subjections into a review is what makes each and every viewer unique.

I promise I’m not being unnecessarily wordy, I’m just prefacing the bombshell I am about to drop in relation to tweens’s favorite boy band One Direction.  As much as I would love to say that the Brit-Irish Boy band’s second album is terrible, it’s NOT.  If anything it is at least consistent with their debut album Up All Night though I personally believe the November 13 released Take Me Home is a better, more well-rounded affair.


Sometimes, the mark of a solid or above average album is when the catchy first single isn’t necessarily the best song. Take Me Home confirms this.  “Live While We’re Young” does well for itself obviously, but there are better songs on this sophomore album that do show growth.  That isn’t to say that the band has huge personalities (they don’t), but there is more notable distinction of each member’s voice this time around.  Still, if you haven’t followed them enough or studied them sufficiently, the argument that there is little distinction does hold.  I’m not asserting that Take Me Home is by any mean’s the year’s best album, but it more than satisfies the tenets of its niche.

Each Member’s Voice

Each member of One Direction has a slightly unique voice from the other, even if sometimes it is a bit harder to decipher.  This album, it seems like both Niall and Louis receive more solos than they did last time from my estimations.

Harry Styles: distinct in the sense he has a ‘grit’ somewhat gruff nuance within his voice; tends to project better than Louis or Niall.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles: “I’m on my Mick Jagger SWAG homeboooyyyyy!”

Liam Payne: Usually is the member singing the lower solo parts. He does sing in falsetto at some points.  He is very distinct as the lower voice who solos at the very beginning of “Live While We’re Young.

Liam Payne: “My abs are just as good as Harry’s. Just saying!”

Zayn Malik: Possesses the most pop/R&B suited voice.  He often handles the runs and soulful ad libs. He projects extremely well and has a power tenor. He sings higher than Harry and Liam, but not as high as Louis.

Zayn Malik: “I may be the most mysterious one, but I’m definitely the coolest.”

Louis Tomlinson: Has the highest tenor of the band. It is understandable why he received less attention the first go around because his voice is pure, but somewhat thin and requires a specific part. He does have a solid voice and it adds a nice contrast to Harry’s nuance and Liam’s lower register.

Louis Tomlinson: “I’m the oldest one and maybe I get less attention than the rest, but I’m the best at soccer!”

Niall Horan: sounds stronger on this album and receives more attention. He may have the most indistinct voice of the group. He’s not really flashy  and doesn’t possess Louis’s piercing tenor or Zayn‘s ad libs. He holds his own as the only Irish member, I suppose.

Niall Horan: “What I lack in voice, I make up for in blonde ambition. And I’m the only Irish one! Take that!”

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The Hierarchy of One Direction

Being the music enthusiast that I am, I typically try to dissect the underpinnings of many artists and their respective material.  One Direction has a clear ‘hierarchy’ that I wasn’t sure existed before.  I don’t think the band necessarily has the personality of the boy bands of the late 90’s and early 00’s, but there are some distinctions within the group musically and perhaps where personality … Continue reading The Hierarchy of One Direction

Short Take: One Direction “Live While We’re Young”

Okay, Brit-Irish band One Direction released their single “Live While We’re Young” early for their adoring fans, aka mostly teen girls who have their favorite member (“OMG I love Zayn!” type of mentality).  Anyways, the single is smartly in the same vein as “What Makes You Beautiful” with anthemic chorus and guitar-heavy sensibility. You make ask, well why is the same formula good for a band that will eventually have to … Continue reading Short Take: One Direction “Live While We’re Young”

OMG, One Direction Reveal New Album Cover!!! (*Rolls Eyes)

Yeah, I just rolled my eyes. Sigh. #SMH  The new album from the English-based band  (yes, I am 150% aware that young Niall Horan is from Ireland) comes out this fall as Up All Nightremains a top-ten staple. As to why Liam and Zayn are assisting their fellow bandmate Louis atop the phone booth while Harry looks on and Nial is inside, I don’t know, nor do I care to know.  I have no words.  … Continue reading OMG, One Direction Reveal New Album Cover!!! (*Rolls Eyes)