Two Can’t Miss Curated Rap Playlists

February 2018 saw the birth of two can’t-miss curated rap playlists: ‘31 Rap Songs That Reference Condoms’ and ‘27 Secular, Religious-Referencing Rap Songs.’

Jon Bellion’s ‘The Human Condition’ – By the Lyrics

Jon Bellion is an extremely talented artist that many in the world don’t know…YET. On his debut album The Human Condition, Bellion “knocks it out of the park” covering a wide range of themes and emotions. It’s safe to say, The Human Condition is a jam-packed 55 minutes. What better way to examine it than lyrically? There’s plenty to analyze!!!

Beyoncé, ‘Lemonade’: By The Lyrics

Beyoncé shocked the world by dropping her sixth album Lemonade on April 23, 2016. Besides shocking by merely releasing a new album, the content on Lemonade is also shocking, showing Beyoncé’s more personal side and offering in some respects a ‘different look’ for Queen Bey. Yours truly was onboard. But why not analyze Lemonade ever…

25 Favorite Lyrics from Mac Miller’s ‘GO:OD AM’

  No matter what your opinion is of Mac Miller, it’s hard to deny that the dude knows how to deliver punch lines. Is he the most prolific rapper ever? No, but the 23-year old Pittsburgh rapper has swagger to say the least. Theses lyrics excerpted from GO:OD AM can be described as clever, arrogant,…