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25 Chart Takeaways: La La Land Ascends to No. 2

On a quiet Billboard 200, The Weeknd (Starboy) retains the no. 1 spot, while the soundtrack for La La Land ascends to no. 2. Continue reading 25 Chart Takeaways: La La Land Ascends to No. 2

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Playlist: 45 Songs With the F-Bomb in Their Title

Don’t call this list profound, call it profane! Corny yes, but true! All of the songs on this list feature every college guy’s (and probably girl’s) favorite expletive in some form – that would be the f-word if you were confused. So, here goes the list! 1) 2Pac, “F*ck The World” (Me Against The World) 2) A$AP Ferg featuring A$ton Matthews, B-Real, Fredo Starr, Onyx … Continue reading Playlist: 45 Songs With the F-Bomb in Their Title

Miley’s ‘Means To Ends’ Is Questionable

Justin Bieber lately you get a temporary pass from me buddy… at least until the Miley Cyrus phenomenon, machine or whatever it is ends. I’m hoping it ends soon, for all of our sakes.  My new favorite person to scrutinize for irresponsible actions is Billy Ray’s daughter, and rightfully so. Basically, all the criticism and jeering is justified.  Miley Cyrus is going through a ‘shock’ … Continue reading Miley’s ‘Means To Ends’ Is Questionable

Chart Moves: Bruno Mars Settles For No 2. Though ‘Locks’ Up No. 1 on Hot 100; T.I. Looks At Top 5

Bruno Mars Bows at no. 2 Bruno Mars exceeded expectations numbers-wise as Unorthodox Jukebox bows a no. 2 with career best 192,000 copies.  192K is a far cry from the 140-150K  projection for the effort. Additionally, 192,000 obliterates the 55,000 bow of Doo-Wops & Hooligans as well as that efforts best sales week of 84,000.  Mars can pound his chest and have as much “Gorilla” action as he wants with … Continue reading Chart Moves: Bruno Mars Settles For No 2. Though ‘Locks’ Up No. 1 on Hot 100; T.I. Looks At Top 5

Chart Moves: One Direction No. 1; Rihanna Tops Hot 100; Rihanna on Deck For no. 1 Possibly

One Direction, Take Me Home

One Direction Bows Big @ no. 1

They went from a no. 1 debuting album at 176,000 copies sold to a no. 1 sophomore effort less than a year later with 540,000 copies sold.  My prediction was only 15,000 copies off – I said they’d split the prognosticated 500,000 – 550,000 at 525,000.  By anyways, One Direction may be captivated by “Little Things” as they sing on no. 1 bowing Take Me Home, but the Brit-Irish band have a lot to be excited by, landing the third biggest debut of the year behind Queen Taylor Swift (1.21 million) and alt-folksters Mumford & Sons (600K).  I believe the band ought to enjoying it “…while [they’re] young” as we know how quickly ‘trends’ fade. Yes, look back to Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus who both faded.  Go back further to *N Sync, 98 Degrees, or the Backstreet Boys, who are either broken up or past their lucrative prime.

The Weeknd, Trilogy

Also that Twilight soundtrack bowed at 93,000 copies a no. 3 behind one Taylor Swift, who added another 145,000 to her nearly 2 million selling RedThe Weeknd shockingly outsells a crop of more familiar acts (Soundgarden, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, and Lana Del Rey) to bow at no. 4 with his ‘compilation’ major label bow Trilogy with 86,000 copies sold (about 4,000 copies shy of projection). Trilogy is a 3-disc, 30 track affair comprised of The Weeknd’s three previously issued mixtapes (House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence) plus three bonus tracks.

Soundgarden gets some reunion love at no. 5 with a robust 83,000 given the lengthy hiatus prior to King AnimalChristina Aguilera finds herself underperforming at no. 7 as Lotus disappoints with 73,000 sold (about 2,000 shy of projections). Making Aguilera’s debut more lackadaisical is the fact that 2010’s Bionic brought in more enthusiastic numbers with a no. 3 bow with about 111,000 copies sold.  Keep in mind that that album bombed (failed to be certified gold). Remember a little Christina Aguilera album called Back To Basics in 2006? It sold nearly twice the combination of the two’s debut weeks (346,000 compared to a combined 184,000). No, albums don’t sell

Billie Joe and company have had better days commercially… just saying…

nearly as well, but Aguilera’s star seems to have, well shriveled.

Green Day underperforms much worse this go around, managing to bow at no. 9 with a weak 69,000 copies sold of ¡Dos!, the second of the trilogy of albums released by the band this fall.  Compared to what was deemed an incredibly underwhelming selling first disc (¡Uno! bowed at no. 2 with 139,000 copies sold), ¡Dos! looks like the ultimate bomb for the band. 

Lana Del Rey has no reason to hang her head as Paradise bows at no. 10 with 67,000 copies.  Guess what? That’s only a shade less than what Born to Die bowed with at no. 2 earlier this year (77,000 copies). Born to Die also posted a gain this week.  Big winners? One Direction, The Weeknd, Soundgarden, and Lana Del Rey. Big Losers? Christina Aguilera and Green Day.

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Chart Moves: Mumford’s Big at no. 1, PSY still no. 2, and Muse/Miguel runner-up, third next week

Lupe Fiasco checks in at no. 5 with 89,000, a drop from 2011’s no. 1 bowing Lasers

Mumford & Sons, no. 1

Babel takes no. 1 and has ‘got next’

Mumford & Sons unsurprisingly top the Billboard 200 with enormous numbers as Babel opens with 600,000 copies, outselling other superstar releases this week (Green Day, No Doubt and Lupe Fiasco) as well as outselling the year’s previous best debut, Justin Bieber‘s Believe (374,000).

Green Day underperforms at no. 2 selling 139,000 of ¡Uno! (projected to sell 150,000) while No Doubt also underperform  at no. 3 with 115,000 copies sold (projected to sell 125,000). P!nk falls to no. 4 from no. 1, beating out the no. 5 bow of Lupe Fiasco with Food & Liquor IIwhich also underperforms with 89,000 copies sold (off 115,000 from 2011’s

Good thing the ‘best things in life are free’ as Angie Stone won’t be a ‘rich girl’ judging by those chart numbers… OUCH!

Lasers and off 11,000 from initial projections). deadmau5 has a moment at no. 6 with <Album Title Goes Here>.  

Angie Stone is the week’s biggest loser as Rich Girl cripples onto the chart at no. 109 with 4,000 copies. OUCH! She’s never had a top ten album, but The Art of Love & War (2007) opened at no. 11. That is a far cry from 109.  Good news though: Unexpected peaked at no. 133 in 2009.  It is the small things in life… sorry Angie.

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Green Day, ¡Uno!: Album Analysis

Green Day’s first of three upcoming releases, !Uno!


Billie Joe Armstrong didn’t hold back any at iHeart Radio…

During a time in which Green Day should be promoting their first album in three years, 2012’s !Uno!, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has a very public breakdown (supposedly related to substance abuse issues?).  Not that the stakes for the multiplatinum band are so lofty given their veteran status, but valuable promotional opportunities certainly are placed on the back burner, which could certainly implicate upcoming efforts of the trio-series (¡Dos! Is due in November while !Tres! Is due in January).  The numbers are looking off from 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown, which bowed at no. 1 with 215,000 on the Billboard Albums Chart. Additionally, single “Oh Love” has not impacted the likes of say “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” (no. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100) or more recently “21 Guns” (no. 22). Regardless, unless next week’s potential no. 2

Green Day

album somehow far surpasses its projected 150,000 copy opening (like by 500,000 copies), it still wouldn’t reach the no. 1 spot next week thanks to juggernaut Babel by British folk revivalists Mumford & Sons. 

So with Armstrong seeking rehab, !Uno! Is being promoted on Green Day’s substantial popularity. Things happen and it is important that Armstrong curbs his substance abuse issues, even if the forum for breaking down was, well, tacky and embarrassing. The album itself is solid and a definite return to the band’s roots.  While 2004’s American Idiot was a bona fide masterpiece (nominated for multiple Grammys and won Best

American Idiot was a huge triumph for Green Day back in 2004

Rock Album), 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown (also a Grammy winner) ‘tickled my fancy’ less – still solid though.  Maybe it was because of how great American Idiot was and the snarling, clever “subliminal mind-f*ck America” line in the title track or the chilling “Wake Me Up When September Ends” that was never toppled by the somewhat annoying “21 Guns.” Regardless, !Uno! Does not dare eclipse American Idiot, but it does restore Green Day’s past sensibilities with quick tempo, pointed

21st Century Breakdown (2009) had a hard act to follow after 2004’s exceptional American Idiot

lyrics, and full-on punk-revivalist mode.

At twelve tracks and just over forty minutes, !Uno! Is compact with no ‘filler.’ That is not to say that all cuts are each other’s equals (they’re not), but there is no huge miss to be found.  Well written and produced, !Uno! Is a treat.

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Chart Moves: P!nk Gets It Done, Maroon 5 Stay Out, and Mumford’s Got Next

P!nk’s The Truth About Love gives P!nk her first no. 1 album

P!nk Earns First No. 1 Album

Christina Aguilera has topped the charts.  Britney Spears has done so on each studio album save for Blackoutwhich bowed at no. 2. P!nk had only come as close as no. 2 with 2008’s Funhouse prior to The Truth About Love exceeding expectations to debut at no. 1 with 280,000, the pop singer’s largest bow EVAH!  P!nk always has seemed to be in the shadow of Aguilera and Spears, but seems as of late to have truly solidified her pop crown.  Congratulations to one of my favorite pop artists.

Kanye West/G.O.O.D. Music also exceed initial expectations, selling 205,000 copies of Cruel Summer to debut at

West’s Cruel Summer bows at no. 2 with 205,000 copies

no. 2 and no. 1 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Chart. West has missed the top spot previously, back when 2004’s The College Dropout debuted at no. 2.  The rest of his solo albums and his joint album with Jay-Z have topped the charts.

The Killers settles for no. 3 with Battle Born; Carly Rae Jepsen doesn’t quite capitalize on “Call Me Maybe” with Kiss debuting at no. 6 with 46,000… Ouch.

The Killers, Battle Born

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New Release Overload! TOO MUCH TO LISTEN TO THIS WK!!!

So folks we are firmly planted in the busiest release season of the year. As a music lover, critic, and musician, I am in ‘heaven’ with all the new music being presented and OVERWHELMED to listen/review it all! While my list of listening is slimming down some, save for a few albums left behind (sorry Lecrae, Imagine Dragons, Dwele), it is also growing.  Today, I … Continue reading New Release Overload! TOO MUCH TO LISTEN TO THIS WK!!!