Katy Perry, Witness | Highlights

★★ Pop superstar Katy Perry struggles to find her footing on her fifth studio album, ‘Witness.’ Sometimes it works, while other times it doesn’t.  Katy Perry returns with her fifth studio album, Witness, following a four-year hiatus. Witness earned the pop superstar another no. 1 album. However, the quality of the effort is mixed at…

Highlights: Depeche Mode, ‘Spirit’

Electronic rock band Depeche Mode successfully ignite the revolution on its latest tour de force, ‘Spirit.’ Epic describes the morally, socially, and politically-charged LP.

Thoughts: Flume, ‘Skin’

Flume flexes his tremendous musicianship and production skills on well-rounded, eclectic sophomore LP, SKIN.

Cash Cash,‘Blood, Sweat & 3 Years’(Review)

Depth certainly isn’t the M.O. of dance/electronic music. Depth isn’t the M.O. of Cash Cash either. It doesn’t need to be. The DJ/production trio have hits, and in dance music, isn’t that all that really matters?

Kygo Delivers Enjoyable Debut With ‘Cloud Nine’

It’s safe to say that the profile of electronic music has grown over recent years. Yep, everybody loves a bass drop, not to mention the ability to groove to an electrifyingly, sick, minimalist groove – what a mouthful! Anyways, a newbie has joined the electronic music ranks – 24-year old Norwegian pianist/DJ/producer Kygo. Kygo is…

3OH!3, ‘Night Sports’ – By The Lyrics

One is hard pressed to find a duo that goes ‘stupider’ than 3OH!3. Yep, Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman have managed to make some of the most infectious, idiotically dumb music for years.