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Playlist: 45 Songs With the F-Bomb in Their Title

Don’t call this list profound, call it profane! Corny yes, but true! All of the songs on this list feature every college guy’s (and probably girl’s) favorite expletive in some form – that would be the f-word if you were confused. So, here goes the list! 1) 2Pac, “F*ck The World” (Me Against The World) 2) A$AP Ferg featuring A$ton Matthews, B-Real, Fredo Starr, Onyx … Continue reading Playlist: 45 Songs With the F-Bomb in Their Title

MGK, Lace Up: Album Analysis


Not being a ‘smart aleck,’ but every time that I hear the statement that “Bad Boy don’t

stop,” I chuckle a little. No disrespect to Diddy as I am a fan who actually purchased his most recent albums Press Play as well as Diddy-Dirty Money’s Last Train To Paris (quite underrated), but Bad Boy since its heyday has been incredibly unstable.  The label sparks a new run and then falls off once again.  I hope for talented newbie MGK and also French Montana that the label has some more ‘traction’ this time. MGK’s debut album Lace Up, like preceding EP Half Naked & Almost Famous is released via Bad Boy but distributed via

Bone Thugs N Harmony are pre-eminent midwest rap proponents hailing from Cleveland

Interscope, quite a stable label.

MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) holds his own with the best in a crop of new MCs, race regardless.  MGK’s agile, wordy flow epitomizes midwest rap, something that has been missing from rap.  Let’s face it, midwest rap has generally gotten less notoriety or attention. Bone Thug N Harmony had their peak, but don’t perform nearly as well commercially as they once did.  Like MGK, Bone Thug N Harmony hail from Cleveland, OH.

Lace Up turns out to be a solid album.  There are more than enough start studded guest

Lil Jon appears on “Lace Up,” the title track.

spots (Bun B, Lil Jon, Waka Flocka Flame and DMX among them) and the production is generally exceptional throughout (Drumma Boy, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Alex Da Kid, and Boi-1da amongst producers).  There are no overt misses, even when some songs are stronger than others.  Despite the guests artists, MGK is never over shone, which is the mark of a talented artist.  The  standard edition of the effort yields thirteen cuts, including the popular “Wild Boy” while the Deluxe yields 16 (and the iTunes version yields 17).

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DMX, Undisputed: Album Analysis

Background Once ubiquitous rapper DMX (of “Party Up (Up in Here)” fame) releases 2012’s Undisputed, his first studio effort since 2006’s underperforming Year of the Dog…Again.  DMX was once a preeminent force on the hardcore/east coast rap scene, scoring five no. 1 albums on the Billboard 200 (’98’s It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot, 99’s Flesh of My Flesh Blood of My Blood, 00’s …And … Continue reading DMX, Undisputed: Album Analysis