Meek Mill, Wins & Losses | Top 5 Songs

★★★½: Energetic rapper Meek Mill returns with his third studio album, ‘Wins & Losses.’ More often than not, the ‘wins’ outweigh the ‘losses.’

Highlights: Wale, ‘Shine’

Wale delivers his most commercial album to date with ‘Shine.’ Unfortunately, ‘Shine’ won’t go down as a classic by the D.C. rapper.

Highlights: Ed Sheeran, ‘÷’

Ed Sheeran returns with his highly-anticipated third album, ÷. All in all, Sheeran remains consistent, adding new gems to his solid musical collection.

Ty Dolla $ign Delivers Compelling Debut Album With ‘Free TC’

Ty Dolla $ign • Free TC • Atlantic • Release Date: 11.13.2015 What’s the best way to stylistically categorize Ty Dolla $ign? Ultimately, the Los Angeles bred musician is a blend of R&B singer and rapper. This balance is reflected on Ty’s full-length debut album, Free TC. Why is the effort entitled Free TC? It…

Ranking Jill Scott’s Albums [Discography Analysis]

  Jill Scott returned in 2015 with her fifth studio album Woman. One thing about Jill is she doesn’t know what a bad album is, a fact that wasn’t lost on Woman. Still, where does Woman fit in the ranks of her rich discography? Let’s rank Scott’s five studio albums! 1) Beautifully Human: Words And…

Jill Scott, Woman [Short Take Review]

Jill Scott’s Best Attribute Continues To Work Splendidly For Her – Her Pipes   Jill Scott • Woman • Atlantic • US Release Date: July 24, 2015 Once an artist reaches to certain album number, doesn’t it seem like there’s less anticipation or outright excitement? Sad that may be, but that’s sort of the case…