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Ranking Beyoncé’s Five Studio Albums

Beyoncé shocked the world with the surprise release of Beyoncé, her fifth album, released sans single or buzz to promote it.  Regardless of the unorthodox release, Beyoncé has become one of pop culture’s biggest presences.  Because of the following Mrs. Carter sports, everything that she does or says draws attention.  Unsurprisingly last I checked, Beyoncé’s latest album is set to shake up the charts, even … Continue reading Ranking Beyoncé’s Five Studio Albums

Ranking John Legend’s Five Albums

Unfortunately for John Legend, the same sales bug that has plagued other artists also plagued Legend as his fourth studio album (excluding Wake Up!) sold only 68,000 copies upon its debut.  Sure that’s respectable compared with many of his contemporaries (including Jaheim who sold only 58,000 copies of Appreciation Day), but for such a talented singer/songwriter, it seemed underwhelming.  Regardless of commercial fare, Legend has … Continue reading Ranking John Legend’s Five Albums