Aaron Carter, LøVë | Musical Wrap-Up

After reviewing singles ahead of the release of LøVë (EP) and LøVë (full-length), the comeback album by former teen heartthrob Aaron Carter, I’ve compartmentalized coverage into one place. On Musical Wrap-Up, you’ll find ALL of our coverage for Aaron Carter related to his comeback project linked in one place.

Marilyn Manson, Heaven Upside Down | Top 5 Songs

★★★★ Marilyn Manson is charged up to nth degree on their tenth studio album, ‘Heaven Upside Down.’ He’s back. They’re back.  Who? Marilyn Manson! After a two-year hiatus (The Pale Emperor, 2015), the ripest of shock rockers drop an exhilarating tenth studio album, Heaven Upside Down.  Considering he’s now 48, past his most lucrative prime,…

Tank, Savage | Top 5 Songs

★★★ R&B singer/songwriter Tank continues to amplify sex on his savage new studio album, fittingly titled, ‘Savage.’ Despite the coolness of R&B, Tank, continues to be prolific.  Despite being incredibly underrated, he’s written and recorded some great music during his career. His 2016 album, Sex Love & Pain II was disappointing, however.  It suffered from…

Shania Twain, Now | Top 5 Songs

Canadian country-pop artist Shania Twain returns after a 15-year hiatus with her sixth studio album ‘Now.’ Unfortunately, it’s not quite the comeback she deserves.