New Playlist: 14 ‘House’ Songs

Rather than having the traditional social life that a late twenty-something should on a Friday night (July 1st was the time of this unfortunate happening), I composed and compiled a new playlist entitled 14 ‘House’ Songs More Thrilling Than Chilling at the House.

The Best Albums of 2016 (So Far)

That time of year has come again folks – It’s an event my friends! What event exactly you ask? Compiling the list of the best albums of 2016…so far.

11 Songs Where the Innuendo is Out of Control

Selena Gomez told the world that she “couldn’t keep her hands to herself.”  Gomez’s lack of control perfectly captures the sentiment of the 11 songs selected on this playlist that lack control of their sexual appetites.

One Favorite from Each Keyshia Cole Album (Playlist)

R&B gets a lot of criticism, a lot of which is at the hand of a fan – yours truly.  Yes, though I’m skeptical of the future of the genre, it just might be my favorite.  Hard call of course, being a musician with too many albums to count…  But enough rambling, this post is…

10 Albums Where The Sophomore Effect Was Real

Let’s cut to the chase – sometimes the second time around can be pretty crappy. For most of the musicians on this list, their second album/second album of note didn’t go as planned in the commercial department. Some of these sophomore albums are respectable, with some even being the critical equal of the debut. The…