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Lil Xan, Total Xanarchy © Columbia
The Musical Wrap-Up closes another file as we compile the album and single reviews in one place for ‘Total Xanarchy,’ the highly-anticipated debut album from Lil Xan.

Album Review

Published 4.9.18

Headline: Rising Cali rapper Lil Xan, a member of the infamous SoundCloud, mumble rap movement, assembles one of the dumber albums of 2018 with ‘Total Xanarchy.’ 

Verdict: 1 ½ out of 5 Stars: … Lil Xan is incredibly polarizing.  Total Xanarchyonly confirms this.  This is an album that is totally devoid of the least bit of substance.  The rhymes are incredibly simple and based on hip-hop clichés.  At times, he does exhibit a compelling flow, but doesn’t capitalize on it with notable rhymes.  Throw in an overabundance of ad-libs, and the substance dwindles even more.  The SoundCloud rap base will be on board.  Others, not so much.

Source: Lil Xan, Total Xanarchy | Album Review

Track Reviews

“The Man”

Published 4.2.18

HeadlineBanging production and an edgy sound can’t save Lil Xan from falling victim to emptiness, shallowness, and most of all, rap clichés.


Verdict:  3 out of 5 stars: The good news is “The Man” is a banger.  The production and malicious, sketchy sound of this record is a pro.  BUT, Lil Xan isn’t the least bit ‘bigger picture’ or transcendent.  Listening to “The Man” leaves you empty as opposed to fulfilled by any means. Sexcapades only go so far.

Source: Lil Xan, ‘The Man’ | Track Review


Published 3.20.18

Headline: Rising rapper Lil Xan keeps things extremely short on “Slingshot,” a one-minute-and-a-half single issued in advance of his debut album, ‘TOTAL XANARCHY.’

Verdict:  3 out of 5 stars: With TOTAL XANARCHY on deck, it’ll be interesting to see if Lil Xan expands his script.  “Slingshot” is one of his better singles IMO, but, to be taken seriously as an artist, Xan is going to have to expand his game.  One-minute-and-a-half songs aren’t going to cut it always, neither are songs with more fluff (the ad-libs) as opposed to legit narratives or themes.

Source: Lil Xan, ‘Slingshot’ | Track Review

“Betrayed (Remix)”

Published 3.19.18

Headline:With the announcement of his debut album, ‘TOTAL XANARCHY,’ rising rapper Lil Xan releases the remix of single “Betrayed,” featuring Rich the Kid and Yo Gotti.

Verdict:  2 ½ out of 5 stars: Ultimately, fans and followers of Lil Xan will enjoy the “Betrayed (Remix).” Those of us who knew rap prior to the SoundCloud age will continue to be skeptical. This record is okay, but certainly not game changing.  It would be nice to hear Lil Xan exhibit more range as an artist. 

Source: Lil Xan, ‘Betrayed (Remix)’ | Track Review

“Wake Up”

Published 1.1.18

HeadlineUp-and-coming rapper Lil Xan proves he’s part of the ‘new normal’ of rap music with “Wake Up.” That new normal being lazy rhymes built on platitudes spat over generic, minimalist, but hard-nosed beat.

Verdict:  2 out of 5 stars: … Lil Xan is just the latest new comer to spit some of the laziest lyrics ever over a tried-and-true, ‘been there, done that’ beat, and yet it could potentially catch fire … Listening to this, “I feel like I’m dead.” 

Source: Lil Xan, ‘Wake Up’ | Track Review


Published 11.6.17

Headline: Lil Xan is the latest white male rapper looking for his ‘come up.’ Could his latest single “Far” give him his breakthrough? Hmm… (Note: This was published before myself, or many others found out about Xan’s Mexican ancestry; he’s Latino).

Verdict:  3 out of 5 stars: There are things to like and appreciate about “Far.”  The chorus is enjoyable.  Calling it outright catchy might be an overstatement, but it’s definitely enjoyable.  As far as his content, it’s more of the same.  Profanity…, referencing “the whip,” sex …, and drugs.

Source: Little Xan, ‘Far’ | Track Review

Lil Xan • Total Xanarchy• Columbia • Release: 4.6.18
Photo Credits: Columbia 


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