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Rich the Kid, The World is Yours © InterscopeThe Musical Wrap-Up closes another file as we compile the album and single reviews in one place for ‘The World is Yours,’ the highly-anticipated debut album from Rich the Kid.


Album Review

Published 4.4.18

Headline: Atlanta rapper Rich the Kid drops his highly-anticipated debut album, The World is Yours. The album has its fair share of highlights, but a lack of distinct artistry holds the rapper back. 

Verdict: 3 out of 5 Stars: … Rich the Kid comes out with some legitimate bangers.  That’s a victory.  However, the rapper doesn’t make much of a case regarding his distinctiveness as an artist.  Who is Rich the Kid? After listening, even though The World is Yoursis enjoyable enough, there is no sense that The Kid has taken things ‘next level’ beyond the superficial.

Source: Rich the Kid, The World is Yours | Album Review

Track Reviews 

“Dead Friends”

Published 3.28.18

Headline: Fueled by rap beef, Rich the Kid has a hit on his hands with the ‘shots-firing’ “Dead Friends,” purportedly aimed at Lil Uzi Vert.

Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars: …From a pure entertainment standpoint, beef and all, “Dead Friends” is definitely intriguing.  From a musical standpoint, Rich the Kid doesn’t break new ground… My call – Rich should be happy for the buzz because it makes this more compelling than it really should be.

Source:  Rich the Kid, ‘Dead Friends’ | Track Review

“Early Morning Trappin”

Published 3.22.18

 Headline: Rising rapper Rich the Kid enlists fellow riser Trippie Redd for “Early Morning Trappin,” the third single from his debut album, The World is Yours.

Verdict:  3 out of 5 stars: Ultimately, “Early Morning Trappin” is a mixed bag.  The idiosyncratic nature of the record isn’t a total turn-off.  Still, Rich the Kid and Trippie Redd don’t quite feel like they have a home run, let alone game winner on their hands.

Source: Rich the Kid, ‘Early Morning Trappin’ | Track Review

Rich the Kid • The World is Yours • Interscope • Release: 3.30.18
Photo Credit: Interscope


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