Two Can’t Miss Curated Rap Playlists

27-secular-religious-referencing-rap-songsFebruary 2018 saw the birth of two can’t-miss curated rap playlists: ‘31 Rap Songs That Reference Condoms’ and ‘27 Secular, Religious-Referencing Rap Songs.’

On The Musical Hype, I pen a number of evergreen articles, mostly comprised of playlists.  Many of these playlists are comprised of various topics and often, a variety of genres.  In February 2018, I compiled two rap-specific playlists, both of which can be considered to be risqué.  The newest – 31 Rap Songs That Reference Condoms – is self-explanatory.  This particular playlist is more about the specific lyric referencing prophylactics, as opposed to in-depth analysis.

The older of the two, 27 Secular, Religious-Referencing Rap Songs, compiles a number of secular rap songs I’ve analyzed over the years that feature religious references.  It features more analysis beyond lifting select lyrics from the record at hand.  Make sure you check out these two can’t-miss playlists, which are excerpted and linked below.  If they’re two risqué, The Musical Hype has plenty of other playlists, among other things to check out.

31 Rap Songs That Reference Condoms

Published February 16, 2018

31-rap-songs-that-reference-condomsHeadline: There’s no sugarcoating this one. ‘31 Rap Songs That Reference Condoms’ is does exactly what it says it does. Features songs by Big Sean, G-Eazy, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar among many others.

Intro: “I believe in God and rubbers.” The assumption that we can make from this Big Sean quote is that both can save you.  That’s said, one does a much better job.  But enough nonsensical talk. This list features rap songs which reference those prophylactics known as condoms and sometimes referred to as rubbers.  The lyrics speak for themselves in most instances. 

Notable Songs Appearing on this List: Big Sean, “Blessings” (Ft. Drake & Kanye West); Chris Brown, “Grass Ain’t Greener”; G-Eazy, “No Limit” (Ft. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B); J. Cole, “Wet Dreamz”; Kendrick Lamar, “Money Trees” (Ft. Jay Rock)

Source: 31 Rap Songs That Reference Condoms

27 Secular, Religious-Referencing Rap Songs

Published February 14, 2018

27-secular-religious-referencing-rap-songsHeadline: Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Rich Brian, and Rick Ross are just a few of the artists that appear on ‘27 Secular, Religious-Referencing Rap Songs.’

Intro: “I know we in church, and the way that I’m thinking wrong,” Game spits on “Hallelujah.” Earlier, on Jesus Piece, on “Church,” he spits, “I’m tryin’ to go to church / Get some chicken wings, after that hit the strip club / See some hoes, twerk…” Jesus!  How many times have you been to church and had impure, blasphemous thoughts pop into your mind? How many times have you transformed something holy into something devilish? Apparently, rappers practice this frequently.  This playlist features secular religious-referencing rap songs.  A few songs have redeeming qualities, but definitely won’t save your soul.


Notable Songs Appearing on this List: Drake, “God’s Plan”; Eminem, “Rap God”; Kendrick Lamar, “GOD.”; Logic, “Young Jesus” (Ft. Big Lenbo); Meek Mill, “Lord Knows”; Wale, “Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece)”

Source: 27 Secular, Religious-Referencing Rap Songs

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