Marilyn Manson, Heaven Upside Down | Top 5 Songs


Marilyn Manson, Heaven Upside Down © Loma VistaMarilyn Manson is charged up to nth degree on their tenth studio album, ‘Heaven Upside Down.’

He’s back. They’re back.  Who? Marilyn Manson! After a two-year hiatus (The Pale Emperor, 2015), the ripest of shock rockers drop an exhilarating tenth studio album, Heaven Upside Down.  Considering he’s now 48, past his most lucrative prime, arguably, Manson can only shock so much anymore. Still, on Heaven Upside Down, Brian Hugh Warner does his best to keep the controversy alive and well.  Here are the TOP 5 SONGS from Heaven Upside Down.  You can read the full review here.


“WE KNOW WHERE YOU F-CKING LIVE” is black – unapologetic to the nth degree.  Lyrically, from the start, Manson isn’t playing around in the least, exhibiting ample intensity.  The chorus is incredibly assertive, with Manson on autopilot, screaming to the top of his lungs. As epic as the chorus is, the bridge is simply devastating. Ultimately, “WE KNOW WHERE YOU F-CKING LIVE” is well-produced featuring a valedictory performance by Manson.

No. 2: “SAY10”

The left-hand path is empowered on “SAY10,” clearly a play on Satan.  Making “SAY10” even more enigmatic and frightening is the music.  Initially, on the first verse, “SAY10” sounds completely foreboding, with Manson singing in a whisper.  On the chorus, the deck of cards is completely revealed with a catchy, yet incredibly blasphemous hook. Chocked full of religious references, “SAY10” transcends its beastly title.

No. 3: “KILL4ME”

“KILL4ME” sounds more accessible compared to the album as a whole. Mid-tempo, from the start, this record never feels rushed. It commences with an excellent groove. The sound is dark, expectedly in a minor key, featuring an instrumental that establishes the song. Manson delivers strong, dark, devilish vocals.  Even with his signature, coarse pipes, he keeps things in control here.  There’s even more of a pop element, particularly on the chorus, with the addition of the electronic sounds.   

No. 4: “Blood Honey”

The vampire is alive and vampirical on “Blood Honey.” Eerie, twisted, and fitting considering the band, Manson makes motives clear on the chorus.  

“I’ve got you tied up, I love it / Tied up, I love it / Now, why would I set you free? / Now, you’re tied up, you love it / No lies, now, I love it / I’m not being mean, I’m just being me.”

No. 5: “Threats of Romance”

“Threats of Romance” concludes Heaven Upside Down heavenly – hellishly, much like it kicks off. The music stands out here in particular, contrasting the other nine songs.  The use of piano gives this a different sound and reaches beyond alternative/industrial metal that Manson and company are known for.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Marilyn Manson delivers another great album with Heaven Upside Down.  Heaven Upside Down is definitely a worthy follow-up to The Pale Emperor, keeping the momentum going strong. Sure, Manson is past his heyday, but the 48-year old still has some tricks up his sleeves.

Gems: “WE KNOW WHERE YOU F-CKING LIVE,” “SAY10,” “KILL4ME,” “Blood Honey” & “Threats of Romance.” 

Marilyn Manson • Heaven Upside Down • Loma Vista • Release: 10.6.17 
Photo Credit: Loma Vista

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