Tank, Savage | Top 5 Songs


Tank, Savage © AtlanticR&B singer/songwriter Tank continues to amplify sex on his savage new studio album, fittingly titled, ‘Savage.’

Despite the coolness of R&B, Tank, continues to be prolific.  Despite being incredibly underrated, he’s written and recorded some great music during his career. His 2016 album, Sex Love & Pain II was disappointing, however.  It suffered from trying too hard to assimilate and conform with modern urban contemporary.  All indications suggested Tank would remain “Savage” on his upcoming album, Savage. He does, but with better results than his previous album.  Here are the TOP 5 SONGS from Savage.  You can read the full review here.

No. 1: “When We”

“When We” features lush, sensual production work. The standout backdrop includes slick hip-hop driven drums, clearly part of the contemporary script.  Tank delivers a superb performance, characterized by smooth vocals. Like the production, Tank’s vocals exemplify sex. His tone is amazing. Notably, he matches the swagger of younger contemporaries here.

No. 2: “F It Up”

Initially, “F It Up” sounds woozy.  The production work is mysterious, almost imitating a person who’s high out of their mind. The lushness is inviting.  Expectedly, the title doesn’t leave much to the imagination, revealed on the sexual refrain. Nonetheless, it’s easy to be hypnotized by the sensual sounds and carnal chorus. 

No. 3: “Savage”

“Savage” serves as a strong opener, keeping things short and sweet. The production work is slick AF, featuring trap-oriented drums, looped synths, and set in a minor key.  Naturally, given the title and minor key, “Savage” is ‘sketchy-sounding.’  It’s clear that sex is on Tank’s mind – rather, he’s thinking with his pants. He amplifies his lust with profanity and talking mad game.

No. 4: “Sexy”

“Sexy” keeps things simple and lustful to the nth degree. It doesn’t take long for sex to envelop.  The music itself is a perfect tone poem for what Tank looks to accomplish.

“I been thinkin’ bout’cha / Thinkin’ bout you feel like foreplay / I’ma do whatever you say; sexy / And without you, gone like four days / Don’t know how much that I’m gon’ take / If it’s mine then baby don’t play; sexy.”  

It’s clear that Tank is all about her, as well as being about doing her. At least he’s honest and “Sexy” is lush, enjoyable and… sexy.

No. 5: “Everything”

“Everything” definitely assembles a star-studded cast, bringing Trey Songz and Ludacris into the fold.  The collaborative banger of Savage, it’s enjoyable, but NOT the ‘second coming.’ Tank sings the first verse, while Songz arrives for the second. Given Songz love of sex, he’s a perfect fit.  Ludacris isn’t a bad choice either, but his reference to Frozen on the third verse – interesting…

Final Thoughts

All in all, Savage is a decent album. Fans will like it.  Casual listeners and non-fans will see its flaws, particularly, more focus on sex and vibes as opposed to deep lyricism.  Regardless, Tank sounds superb throughout and ultimately, Savage feels like a step up from Sex, Love & Pain II.

Gems: “Savage,” “Sexy,” “When We” & “F It Up”

Tank • Savage • Atlantic • Release: 9.29.17
Photo Credit: Atlantic

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