Tamar Braxton, Bluebird of Happiness | Top 5 Songs


Tamar Braxton, Bluebird of Happiness © TamartianlandR&B diva Tamar Braxton remains a vocal force on her fourth studio album, ‘Bluebird of Happiness.’

In the 90s, the Braxton family had one clear star: Toni. “Un-Break My Heart” was enough to cement Toni’s legacy.  However, in the 2010s, Tamar Braxton has proven that there’s more than one star within the Braxton family.  On her fourth studio album, Bluebird of Happiness, Tamar remains a vocal force – she’s beastly throughout the course of 11 songs.  Here are the TOP 5 Songs from Bluebird of Happiness.  You can read the full review, here.

No. 1: “My Forever”

“My Forever” begins Blue of Happiness magnificently – heavenly.  The record borrows the soul cues of the past, while maintaining an adult contemporary R&B identity.  The concept is simple – Tamar Braxton has found her ‘end all, be all’ soul mate.

“Your love feels like no space or time / Feels like a dream come true / Cause my forever is you / No wonderin’ who I’ll be with / It’s like I’ve always known who / Boy, my forever is you.”

No. 2: “My Man”

“My Man” is one of the most emotional songs from Bluebird of Happiness. That emotion includes some name-calling and profanity. Basically, this about a woman stealing a man away from another woman, in this case, Tamar.

No. 3: “Blind” 

“Blind looks to the past for inspiration (Etta James, “I’d Rather Go Blind”). Braxton exceeds the five-minute mark, yet makes it more than worth the listener’s while. Again, the lead vocals are ‘out-of-this-world,’ amplified further by the supporting vocals.

No. 4: “Wanna Love You Boy”

Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke provide fuel for the fire for “Wanna Love You Boy,” at least the sample of “Wanna Love You Girl.” Given the awesome sample, the production ends up being superb.  Backing vocals add additional lushness and warmth to the sound on the chorus.  The chorus isn’t profound, but catchy – it lifts off of the original, which is also repetitive and simple.   

No. 5: “The Makings of You”

‘Old-school’ gives Braxton a lift on “The Makings of You.” Sure, the Curtis Mayfield classic is well travelled, but never grows old.  Here, it is the Gladys Knight & The Pips edition of the Mayfield classic supporting her. Given the assist – it’s a lot of sample – Tamar delivers some of her best work on Bluebird of Happiness. The backing vocals sound marvelous in particular.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, Bluebird of Happiness gives Tamar Braxton another solid, pleasant album.  She doesn’t break new ground, but she flexes her best attribute hard – her powerful voice.  Perhaps she’s underrated, particularly being an R&B artist, but Tamar has one of the best voices in the game.

Gems: “My Forever,” “Wanna Love You Boy,” “The Makings of You,” “Blind” & “My Man”

Tamar Braxton • Bluebird of HappinessTamartianLand • Release: 10.1.17
Photo Credit: TamartianLand

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