Foo Fighters, Concrete and Gold | Top 5 Songs


Foo Fighters, Concrete and Gold © RCAFoo Fighters bring the cool, the heat, and some musical diversity on their intriguing album following a three-year hiatus, ‘Concrete and Gold.’

Foo Fighters make a highly-anticipated return in 2017 with a new album, Concrete and Gold.  The last outing by the band, Sonic Highways, was respectable, but not nearly as accomplished as Wasting Light from 2011.  On Concrete and Gold, Dave Grohl and company offer the listener plenty of ear candy.  At times, they hit hard, while at other times, they scale things back.  As a whole, this is intriguing.  Here are the top-five songs from Concrete and Gold.

No. 1: “The Sky is a Neighborhood”

“The Sky is a Neighborhood” is the ‘cat’s meow.’ It begins lushly, with an ambient sound, led by choral vocals, guitar, and cello.  Soon enough, Grohl enters, something like a “bull in a china shop,” giving the song an edgier, hard-rock sound.  Even so, he possesses a soulfulness, and “Sky is a Neighborhood” has pop sensibilities.  The chorus is the crowning achievement, featuring mammoth, menacing guitars and biting, exuberant vocals.

“Oh, my dear / Heaven is a big band now / Gotta get to sleep somehow / Bangin’ on the ceiling / Bangin’ on the ceiling / keep it down.”

No. 2: “Run”

“Run,” the first full-length number, surprisingly begins with a certain amount of restraint. The first half of the intro lacks ferocity.  The second half, however, begins the build-up, which is propelled by drums and capped off with biting guitars. Once the intensity is achieved, there’s a clear departure from the melodic beginning.  The verses are intense, characterized more by grit than tunefulness.  The chorus reinstates melodic finesse. Initially a bit off-putting, “Run” unveils its magic with successive listens.

No. 3: “Make It Right”  

“Make It Right” builds on the momentum established by “Run.”  The difference is, Foo Fighters get off to a rollicking start, thanks to a funky groove and hard-hitting riffs.  Grohl is turned up, delivering assertive vocals, and dropping his favorite bomb – the f-bomb.  In addition to the spirited nature of the performance, “Make It Right” benefits from a catchy chorus and fantastic harmonic progression.

No 4: “La Dee Da”  

Commencing rhythmically, the identity of “La Dee Da” is established early on.  It’s every bit as tough as “Make it Right,” possessing charm equal to “The Sky is a Neighborhood.” This is a ‘takes no prisoners’ joint, which Foo Fighters nail without a hitch.  

No. 5: “Arrows”

“Arrows” keeps the punches coming.  It benefits from its minor key, mysteriousness, and harmonic progression. Grohl continues to be assertive and unapologetic in regards to intensity.  As a frontman, he continues to be among the elite.  

Final Thoughts

All in all, Foo Fighters shine on Concrete and Gold.  This album is certainly more compelling than their 2014 effort, Sonic Highways.  There are no outright misses, with all songs having redeeming characteristics.  No, not every song is a hit, but there are enough gems to make this satisfactory as a whole. 

Gems: “Run,” “Make it Right,” “The Sky is a Neighborhood, “La Dee Da” & “Arrows”

Foo Fighters • Concrete and Gold • RCA • Release: 9.15.17
Photo Credit: RCA

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