Death from Above 1979, Outrage! Is Now| Top 5 Songs


Death From Above 1979, Outrage! Is Now © Warner Bros.Canadian rockers Death from Above 1979 deliver a compelling, energetic third studio album with ‘Outrage! Is Now.’

Canadian punk-rock duo Death from Above 1979 Jesse F. Keeler and Sebastien Grainger – returns with its latest studio album, Outrage! Is NowInterestingly, Outrage! Is Now serves as only the third studio album by the duo, which has been in existence since the early 00s.  Though not prolific, Death from Above 1979 proves quality trumps quantity any day throughout the course of Outrage! Is Now.  Comprised of 10 tracks and running just 36 minutes, it’s a tight, enjoyable affair.  Here are the top-five songs from Outrage! Is Now.

No. 1: “Never Swim Alone”

Death from Above 1979 keeps things short and sweet on “Never Swim Alone.” Once again, chocked full of energy, there are gritty, distorted, whiny vocals, a characteristic f-bomb, and sick guitar work. Ultimately, it’s simply delicious, especially the catchy chorus that tell us to, “NEVER. SWIM. ALONE!”

No. 2: “Freeze Me”

Throughout “Freeze Me,” Death from Above 1979 keeps things energetic. The first sign it has hit-potential is the groovy, opening piano. This recurs during the verses, creating a danceable vibe. Soon enough, drums and guitar join the mix, adding grit.  Despite the additional instrumentation, Grainger has no trouble rising above the production with his commanding, expressive pipes. Ultimately, soundness is the name of the game. The production work is superb, while the music is dynamic and biting.

No. 3: “Holy Books”

“Holy Books” concludes the album superbly. Souped-up from the jump, the guitars sound menacing, rather hellish.  Grainger delivers aggressive and passionate vocals.  Lyrically, it’s clear that he’s not onboard with the whole God-fearing, Christian thing, with the chorus summarizes his sentiments effectively. A change of pace arrives shy of the two-minute mark.  The change of tone and tempo are unexpected, but welcome. The original scheme returns right before the three-minute mark, reviving a sense of familiarity, including the infectious, atheistic chorus.

No. 4: “Nomad”

“Nomad” kicks off Outrage! Is Now in spirited fashion.  The guitars and bass are jagged, chocked full of grit, while the drums are pummeling.  From the jump, “Nomad” is hard-hitting, further accentuated by the whiny, biting vocals of Sebastien Grainger.

No. 5: “All I C is U & Me”

“All I C is U & Me” is up-tempo, embodying the punk-revivalist spirit.  It’s not nearly left-field as the majority of songs from Outrage.  Normally, that might be a rub, but it’s a nice change of pace as nothing else sounds like it.  Is it the crème de la crème? No, but it’s enjoyable and energetic.

Final Thoughts

All in all, great music, rousing vocals, and incredible creativity makes Outrage! Is Now an intriguing effort.  Death from Above 1979 make an excellent return after a three-year hiatus.  There are no outright misses to be found. This is a worthwhile listen from start to finish.

Gems: “Nomad,” “Freeze Me,” “Never Sleep Alone,” “All I C is U & Me” & “Holy Books”

Death from Above 1979 • Outrage! Is Now • Warner Bros. • Release: 9.8.17
Photo Credits: Warner Bros.

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