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Thomas Rhett, Life Changes © Big Machine

Thomas Rhett puts together an enjoyable, well-rounded effort on this third album, ‘Life Changes.’ Here are the highlights – the top-five songs.

Thomas Rhett hit it big in 2015 with his sophomore album, Tangled UpTangled Up ended up going platinum, led by a multiplatinum, Grammy-nominated single, “Die A Happy Man.” With momentum on his side, Rhett drops his third studio album, Life Changes. Like Tangled Up, Rhett doesn’t play by a pre-established ‘country’ script.  He’s willing to expand upon the tried-and-true, incorporating numerous styles, including pop, electronic, and R&B.  It doesn’t always work seamlessly, but more often than not, Life Changes is captivating.  Here are the top five songs from Life Changes.

No. 1: “Life Changes”

There is clearly an autobiographical tone to Life Changes,” which once more finds Thomas Rhett reflecting on the past, present, and future.  Highlighting the autobiographical nature of “Life Changes,” Rhett talks about adopting a child from Uganda, and having a baby on his way. This particular part, the bridge, amplifies the thoughtfulness of this particular record. While this is a serious record, it’s not blasé.  He still delivers the title track in a fun, memorable way.  The reminiscing isn’t new at this point, but Rhett continues to do it well.

No. 2: “Craving You” 

Promo single Craving You,” featuring Maren Morris, commences Life Changes in spirited fashion. A solid country-pop joint, the chemistry between Rhett and Morris is excellent. Serving as the opener, it’s a smart choice, given the high-flying energy. While “Craving You” doesn’t feel as dramatic as some of the most pop-centric moments of Tangled Up, it still may not win over traditionalists.

No. 3: “Unforgettable”

While Unforgettableseems a bit underwhelming at first, there’s magic with successive listens.  Arguably, “Unforgettable” doesn’t win over a crossover audience or build the Thomas Rhett country base, but it’s thoughtful. There is, however, a bit more country-ness here. Notably, thematically, Rhett reminisces on his courtship and eventual marriage.

No. 4: “Sixteen”  

On highlight, Sixteen,” he continues to be reflective. He examines life and the things associated with particular ages.  In his eyes, as he gets older, he grows more mature and priorities change. #Life Changes.

No. 5: “When You Look Like That”

Thomas Rhett incorporates some soul on instant hit “When You Look Like That.” While this doesn’t sound traditional, there are still plenty of country fundamentals in play.  These are most notable lyrically, particularly on the chorus.

“How are we not supposed to crawl to the next bar / Make out on the dance floor / Take it too far out the back door / Leave an open tab, when you look like that?”

Among the best moments are the ad libs at the end, where he lets loose.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Thomas Rhett puts together an enjoyable, well-rounded album.  This is clearly representative of the new generation of country music, which will please some and turn off others. Traditionalists who enjoy their “tractors being sexy” won’t be on board.  More liberal listeners – perhaps even non-country listeners – will enjoy the eclecticism of Life Changes.

Gems: “Craving You,” “Unforgettable,” “Sixteen,” “Life Changes,” “When You Look Like That”  

 Thomas Rhett • Life Changes • Big Machine • Release: 9.8.17
Photo Credit: Big Machine

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