Dustin Lynch, Current Mood | Top 5 Songs


Dustin Lynch, Current Mood © Broken BowCountry artist Dustin Lynch delivers an enjoyable, third album with ‘Current Mood.’ Here are the top-five songs from ‘Current Mood.’

Looking at Dustin Lynch, it would seem that the handsome, 32-year old country artist would be a surefire superstar.  No, looks aren’t everything, but Lynch fits the country male profile. Besides that, good ole southern boy sensibility, he also has the voice.  Throughout his third studio album, Current Mood, he showcases his talent, as well as a willingness to bend traditional definitions of country music.  Not everything works seamlessly for Dustin, but more often than not, the Current Mood is a good one.

No. 1: “Love Me or Leave Me Alone”

Love Me or Leave Me Aloneis a gem, period.  Lynch maintains a sense of traditional country sensibilities, eschewing the trickery of the so-so “Here We Come.” “Love Me or Leave Me Alone” delivers the good with its beautiful, powerful, and thoughtful balladry. Vocally, Lynch impresses, showcasing a ripe set of nuanced country pipes.  Arguably, this is his best performance of the album – his tour de force.  

No. 2: “Small Town Boy” 

Small Town Boyshines, plays directly to Lynch’s southern roots.  Rather than employing the modern bag of pop tricks, he keeps things ‘country.’  He’s southern, from a small town, and that’s what she wants.  Not only is that what she wants, but that’s also what a traditional country audience wants.  It may be platitudinous, but southern charm and southern-ality go a long way in country music.  The chorus is a huge selling point on this stand out.

No. 3: “Seein’ Red”

“Seein’ Red” has some modern touches, but doesn’t alienate a purist country audience.  From the jump, “Seein’ Red” is energetic, featuring a driving, rhythmic groove.  Interestingly, it’s set in a minor key, giving it a notably darker sound. Lynch plays off of the edginess well, giving a commanding, expressive vocal performance. It’s fun, energetic, and sexy without crossing any lines.

No. 4: “Back on It”

Experimentation and modern trickery occur on “Back on It.” Unlike more mixed results that precede it, “Back on It” sounds fresh. Vocally, Lynch possesses a sexiness, which blends well with the R&B sound and vibe constructed here.  The chorus, like many throughout the album, infuses more of a country palette, hence, pulling off a successful balancing act between old and new.

No. 5: “Party Song”

“Party Song” is tongue-n-cheek, intensifying the silliness to the nth degree.  For some, it may be cringe-worthy, but personally, it’s irresistible.  It’s well-produced, Lynch has buckets of personality, and following a song that’s a bit too serious, this is lighter, dumber, and care-free.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Current Mood ends up being an enjoyable, respectable album. Like many contemporary country albums, Dustin Lynch takes plenty of liberties with the definition of what country music is.  Some experimentation naturally works better than others. His best moments, however, are the more traditional ones, such as “Small Town Boy” and the fantastic “Love Me or Leave Me Alone.” Regardless, plenty to like about Current Mood and of course, Lynch himself. 

Gems: “Seein’ Red,” “Small Town Boy,” “Love Me or Leave Me Alone,” “Back on It” & “Party Song”   

Dustin Lynch • Current Mood • Broken Bow • Release: 9.8.17 

Photo Credit: Broken Bow

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