U Should Buy | Foo Fighters, Concrete and Gold

Foo Fighters, Concrete and Gold © RCAFoo Fighters (‘Concrete and Gold’) is the album U should buy on beginning the third Friday in September (September 15).

Ah, it’s the third Friday in September 2017.  We all know what Friday means? New music release day! After a busy second Friday (September 8), the third Friday is a bit tamer.  It’s top heavy, thanks to new albums from Foo Fighters (Concrete and Gold) and Gucci Mane (Mr. Davis).  By far, the new Foo Fighters album is the one to beat, the album U should buy.

Foo Fighters, Concrete and Gold

Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters return with Concrete and Gold, the band’s first album in three years (Sonic Highways, 2014). Concrete and Gold is a lengthier effort than Sonic Highways, comprised of 11 tracks.  Singles Run,” “The Sky is a Neighborhood,” and The Line arrived in advance of Concrete and Gold.


All said and done, “Run” is an intriguing return from Foo Fighters. Perhaps it’s not a surefire hit, but there are plenty of things to like about it.  The guitars roar, the drums pound, and there some beautiful melodic moments. The accompanying music video is a sight to behold to say the least.

All in all, “The Sky is a Neighborhood” is excellent through and through.  It’s fun, well-produced, and catchy.  While this keeps the spirit of rock alive and well, there’s a dash of soul and pop, which makes sense once one finds out it was produced by standout Greg Kurstin. This is a gem.

On “The Line,” Rock is firmly planted through the bombastic production and gritty vocals by Grohl. The song itself is a bit underwhelming compared to others by the band. It’s the type of record where you like a lot of its characteristics, but aren’t quite sold on the final product.

Other New Music Releases:

In addition to Concrete and Gold, a couple of other releases arrive beginning September 15, 2017.  The titles in boldface were covered in more depth in The Musical Hype article, Music Shopping List | Foo Fighters Bring ‘Concrete and Gold’, published on September 11, 2017.

Gucci Mane, Mr. Davis; Superfruit, Future Friends; Prophets of Rage, Prophets of Rage; Rostam, Half-Light; Michael McDonald, Wide Open; Sammie, Coming of Age; Ringo Starr, Give More Love; Ricky Dillard & New G, 10 (Live); The Cool Kids, Special Edition Grandmaster; Marc Broussard, Easy to Love; Angus & Julia Stone, Snow; Deer Tick, Deer Tick, Vol. 2; Lizz Wright, Grace; J Blaze, Preseason; Ariel Pink, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson

Photo Credits: RCA

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