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Fifth Harmony © Epic
Fifth Harmony,’ the self-titled third album from Fifth Harmony is a slim, enjoyable effort, but not game changing or incredibly memorable.

Things changed for pop girl group Fifth Harmony in 2017.  Camila Cabello spread her wings, leaving the group to pursue a solo career.  Happens often with boy- and girl groups.  Nonetheless, Fifth Harmony continues on as a quartet, releasing their third studio album, Fifth HarmonyA slim LP to say the least, it’s enjoyable all in all, not game changing or incredibly memorable.  Here are the top 5 songs from Fifth Harmony.

No. 1: “He Like That”

“He Like That” is chocked-full of attitude and feistiness.  Naturally, the innuendo is turned up, again, playing to the strengths of the group.  It benefits greatly from its production work, which is a mix between pop, R&B, and reggae/island vibes.  The use of tropic cues has become oversaturated greatly in pop and urban music, but works out well for Fifth Harmony here.

No. 2: “Angel”

“Angel” is among the edgier songs from Fifth Harmony.  F-bombs don’t make an artist, nor are they synonymous with maturity.  But, the more hard-nosed, unapologetic sound of the record plays into the hands of pop music these days.

No. 3: “Down”

Opener “Down” has a familiar sound, that plays to the urban-pop sensibilities of Fifth Harmony.  The production is slick, while the girls amp up the sexiness, swagger, and gimmicks.  The chorus, though not profound, is a selling point.  Ultimately, the record is enjoyable enough without being a classic.

No. 4: “Sauced Up”

“Sauced Up” keeps the energy charged-up, or rather, “sauced up.” It’s enjoyable, not groundbreaking.  It sounds like a single – a record perfect for dancing in the club, or a relaxed drive with the top down.  It’s well sung, slicky produced, and ultimately, unobjectionable.

No. 5: “Deliver”

Fringe Top-5 pick “Deliver” is gimmicky, with tongue-n-cheek moments, but ultimately, enjoyable.  It’s more convincing than “Make You Made,” the electro-urban pop joint, built on clichés, that precedes it.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, Fifth Harmony is a brief, enjoyable affair.  The foursome work well as a unit, still delivering a brand of feisty, suggestive music. The problem is, this album is merely good, not great.  At 33 minutes, it still feels they could’ve scrapped a couple of songs, replacing them with better ones.  It’s a temporary high, but there’s a definitely comedown.  

Gems: “Down,” “He Like That,” “Sauced Up,” “Deliver” & “Angel”

Fifth Harmony • Fifth Harmony • Epic • Release: 8.25.17
Photo Credit: Epic

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