Action Bronson, Blue Chips 7000 | Top 5 Songs


Action Bronson, Blue Chips 7000 © AtlanticAction Bronson returns with his major-label sophomore album, ‘Blue Chips 7000.’ The rapper’s flow and knack for storytelling remains intact. 

East coast rapper and former chef Action Bronson returns with his second major label album, Blue Chips 7000. He has an interesting way of telling stories, and his flow and style have been compared to Ghostface Killah. All of his positive attributes return on his sophomore album, Blue Chips 7000.  Here are the top-5 (really top-6) songs from Blue Chips 7000 

No. 1: “Let Me Breathe”

“Let Me Breathe” gives the rapper a banger – contextually speaking.  Here, he continues to flaunt his big personality and a solid flow.  Lyrically and thematically, “Let Me Breathe” is okay, but more cliché as opposed to groundbreaking.

No. 2: “9-24-7000”

“9-24-7000” gives Action Bronson a bit of a different sound.  Hearing the production work, before Rick Ross ever raps, you can tell why he was picked as a featured guest.  The sound is a bend of the luxurious rap sound, with a dash of tropical cues.  Like many songs off of Blue Chips 7000, there’s no hook.  In the case of this tour de force, no hook is needed.

No. 3: “The Choreographer”

On “The Choreographer,” Action Bronson is confident and sexed-up.  The listeners even get a catchy hook, which works sensationally against the funky, old-school backdrop.

“I’m the man right now / I got the plan right now / F*ck that, I got the word in my hand right now / I should be somewhere sunny, getting’ tanned right now / Uh, but I’ma show you how to move / I’ma show you how to dance / Got the pistol in my pants / I got the pistol in my pants / I’ma show you how to dance.”

No. 4: “TANK”

Action Bronson enlists Big Body Bes on the hook-less “TANK.”  The production (The Alchemist), and the flow, rhymes, and storytelling abilities of Bronson make it a winner.  Big Body Bes closes out the track, but it’s more or less an interlude or spoken word contribution.

T-No. 5: “Let It Rain” & “Hot Pepper”

“Let It Rain” commences with psychedelic organ and female orgasmic sounds – charming.  Returning Action to full-length status, he’s on autopilot over funky, jazzy group.  A constant of Blue Chips 7000 is the production, which tends to hearken back to the past.

On “Hot Pepper,” Action Bronson brings some Jamaican flavor to Blue Chips 7000.  Not only does this include the production, but also guest Jah Tiger.  Bronson doesn’t handle the rhymes all by himself either, enlisting Queens rapper Mayhem Lauren.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Action Bronson delivers a respectable sophomore album with Blue Chips 7000.  His flow is awesome, his sense of humor ripe, and at times, his rhymes are imaginative.  Furthermore, the production work is great throughout.

Gems: “Hot Pepper,” “Let it Rain,” “TANK,” “Let Me Breathe,” “9-24-7000” & “The Choreographer”

Action Bronson • Blue Chips 7000 • Atlantic • Release: 8.25.17
Photo Credit: Atlantic

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