Daniel Caesar, Freudian | Top 5 Songs


Daniel Caesar, Freudian © Golden Child
Canadian R&B newcomer Daniel Caesar shows incredible potential on his debut album, ‘Freudian,’ which fuses love and spirituality.  Here are the top-5 songs.

Canadian R&B newcomer Daniel Caesar releases his debut album, Freudian. The title alone should draw attention to the 22-year old Canadian singer/songwriter. Canadian R&B has been hot as of late, and Caesar continues the trend.  On Freudian, he fuses love and spirituality seamlessly.  Artistically, he showcases the utmost potential, never missing the mark.  Here are the top-5 songs from Freudian.

No. 1: “We Find Love”

The gospel sensibility on grows deeper on a pair of excellent numbers – “We Find Love” and “Blessed.” “We Find Love” gives Freudian a bit more oomph, only pushing the tempo up a few beats per measure. It’s still slow, but there’s greater intensity and greater confidence and presence from Caesar here. Beautiful choral vocals amplify the record to the nth degree, blurring the lines between urban contemporary and contemporary black gospel.

No. 2: Get You”

“Get You” featuring Kali Uchis serves as a soulful, sensual album opener.  While “Get You” hearkens back to the past, it doesn’t do so anachronistically.  Vocally, Daniel Caesar delivers a balanced, complete performance, never under- nor over-singing.  A single that was released far in advance of Freudian, it sounds as fresh as it did upon its low-key release. Uchis plays a minimal, but effective role.

No. 3: “Blessed”

The gospel sensibility on grows deeper on a pair of excellent numbers – “We Find Love” and “Blessed.” “Blessed” is a natural follow-up, pulling things back, but not compromising quality or energy for that matter.   By the end, the spirit is lofty.

No. 4 “Best Part”

“Best Part” featuring H.E.R. maintains a slow tempo and sensual mood.  Guitar accompaniment helps to establish a simple, romantic vibe. The vocal chemistry between Caesar and H.E.R. is top-notch.

No. 5: “Take Me Away”

On the soulful, cool “Take Me Away” Caesar enlists Syd, making a formidable music pairing.  What stands out here is how easy and effortless Caesar makes singing sound.  The same can be said of Syd, who sounds a cool as a cucumber. Keeping in step with his previous songs,

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Daniel Caesar is an R&B artist to watch.  He shines throughout the course of Freudian, fusing love and spirituality seamlessly.  The few instances of profanity weren’t even necessary.  When you have the substance and talent that Caesar shows throughout this album, there’s no need to get dirty.  Definitely one of the best R&B albums of the year, as well as one of the best albums of the year.  

Gems: “Get You,” “Best Part,” “We Find Love,” “Blessed” & “Take Me Away”

Daniel Caesar • Freudian • Golden Child Recordings • Release: 8.25.17
Photo Credit: Golden Child Recordings

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