A$AP Ferg, Still Striving | Top 5 Songs


A$AP Ferg, Still Striving © RCAEast coast rapper A$AP Ferg comes back strong with his third studio album, ‘Still Striving.’ One word: bangers.  

Cutting right to the chase, A$AP Ferg didn’t have the most success with his sophomore album, Always Strive and Prosper.  Despite an awesome title and some solid moments (“Hungry Ham!”), folks did not partake of the album.  Maybe it was because it was more experimental and at times, more pop-oriented than his grimy debut, Trap Lord.  Regardless, it’s clear from the promo campaign of Still Striving that Ferg was returning hard.  Here are the Top 5 Top 6 songs from Still Striving.

No. 1: “East Coast Remix”

East Coast Remixis arguably, best song from the album.  Providing the east coast support is Busta Rhymes, A$AP Rocky, Dave East, and French Montana. Busta Rhymes has the verse to beat. Rick Ross represents the south, while Snoop Dogg, representing the west coast, gives Busta a run for his money.

No. 2: “Trap and a Dream” 

Still Striving gets off to a fast start with “Trap and a Dream,” featuring Meek Mill.  One word: banger. The trap is alive and well, with malicious production comprising of trap percussion, sub bass, and hellish synths.  A$AP Ferg is on autopilot from the jump, and the same can be said of a fully ‘turnt up’ Meek Mill.

No. 3: “Nasty (Who Dat)”

Migos joins Ferg on Nasty (Who Dat).” Like “Plain Jane,” it’s more impactful in the album setting.  The hook is still ‘take it or leave it,’ but it’s definitely catchy nonetheless.  Sans Offset, Takeoff and Quavo get the prize for the best verse – no offense Ferg.

No. 4: “Plain Jane”

Plain Janestands out stronger within the context of the album.  Maybe it’s the familiarity and brevity of the single that makes it shine bright. It doesn’t hurt that it’s the first solo track from a star-studded Still Striving.

No. 5: “Rubberband Man”

After a mighty opening salvo (“Trap and a Dream”), A$AP Ferg keeps things charged up to the nth degree.  He enlists Cam’ron on the fierce “Rubberband Man.” The M.O. is the same: Biting rhymes, slick AF production, and unrelenting toughness.

Bonus: “Olympian”

Completing a badass trio (“Trap and a Dream” and “Rubberband Man”), “Olympian” trades Cam’ron in favor of Dave East.  Given the grit of Dave East and Ferg, Still Striving keeps east coast rap going strong.  Nothing brand-new results, but Ferg comparing himself to an Olympian is pretty sweet on the killer hook.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Still Striving is a strong third album from A$AP Ferg.  Some folks weren’t onboard with Always Strive and Prosper.  Those who didn’t like that album will love the straightforward, all-in banger-status of Still Striving.  No, Ferg doesn’t cover new ground, but throughout this album, it feels as if he’s in his lane.

Gems: “Trap and a Dream,” “Rubberband Man,” “Olympian,” “Plain Jane,” “Nasty (Who Dat),” and “East Coast Remix” 

A$AP Ferg • Still Striving • RCA • Release: 8.18.17
 Photo Credit: RCA

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