Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed, Magic & Bird | Top 5 Songs


Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed Presents Magic & Bird © ReachChristian rappers Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed deliver an enjoyable, collaborative mixtape on Magic & Bird.  Here are the top five songs from the joint effort.

Some think that it’s not possible to recording a rap album sans sex, drugs, and profanity. Christian rappers Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed successfully create an enjoyable rap album (mixtape) eschewing the aforementioned.  Furthermore, they sacrifice nothing where flow, rhymes, or production work is concerned.  All in all, Magic & Bird is intriguing.  Here are the top five songs from Magic & Bird.

No. 1: “Dunk Contest (Magic Bird)”

“Yeah, this that, this that, this that Penny with the Shaq / Yeah, if he’s passin’ me the rock, they might not get it back.” “Dunk Contest (Magic Bird)” is da bomb.  The crème de la crème, the production is superb, both rappers drop strong rhymes, and the hook is infectious.

“I just threw it off the backboard / Game winner, I’m the one they ask for / Magic Bird, Magic Bird, Magic Bird…”

No. 2: “Kidz”

“Kidz” is the first full-length song from Magic & Bird.  Wordsplayed makes his first appearance of the album, following the intro track. Naturally, there are plenty of basketball references, but football and movies get a nod as well. Mineo joins him on the catchy hook, before taking the reins on the second verse.  Spitting and living on the straight and narrow, he has “One girl, no sidepiece / I call that fine by me.” Both MCs do well for the kids, with good vibes, no cussing, and tight rhymes.

No. 3: “Say Less”

“Say Less” is produced by Gawvi, another part of the Reach fold. Mineo takes the reins first, with Wordsplayed arriving on the second verse.  Early on, the theme and messaging are unveiled on the chorus. Essentially, it’s better to pray, listen to, and wait on God.

No. 4: “Lay Up”

“Lay Up,” a bonus track, arguably has the biggest crossover appeal.  The lay ups here aren’t “buckets,” even though its used metaphorically.  This is about surefire things in life. Mineo uses his wife as an example on the first verse as a layup. Wordsplayed drops hot rhymes as well, with his swimming, He Got Game lines shining.

“Colored folks still can’t swim / But Mike Phelps couldn’t walk the water / Pastor said that we need Jesus / Big State was his alma mater.”

No. 5: “Legend”

“Legend” is the longest joint, but worth the time.  Essentially, this record defines what makes a legend.  From the Mineo perspective, it’s morality, character, and substance.  

Final Thoughts

All in all, Magic & Bird is an enjoyable collaborative mixtape between Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed.  Mineo and Wordsplayed execute the concept to an extent, but don’t overplay their hand by any means.  Both MCs drop clever rhymes, and the production – the trap beats – are superb.

Gems: “Kidz,” “Dunk Contest (Magic Bird),” “Say Less,” “Legend” & “Lay Up”

Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed • Magic & Bird • Reach • Release: 8.4.17
Photo Credit: Reach

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