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Kesha, Rainbow © KemosabeAfter a five-year hiatus, pop superstar Kesha returns better than ever on her third studio album, ‘Rainbow.’ Here, we select the top five songs from the album.

Five years can be an eternity in pop music.  That’s how long that Kesha was ‘out of commission.’ It seemed as if one day, she was scoring hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and the next, she was gone.  The five-year hiatus was tough, as Kesha was embroiled in an intense, legal argument with Dr. Luke, the producer who helmed her first two albums.  Despite a turbulent, trying time in her life and career, she’s back, better than ever on her third studio album, RainbowChocked full of eclecticism, shifting from style to style, not everything works, but most of it does.  Here are the top five songs from Rainbow.

No. 1: “Praying”

Kesha gave us all chills on Praying,” the promo single for Rainbow.  “Praying” marked her first departure – a stark contrast from her past work. A ballad, it’s clear from the jump she’s aiming for empowerment for herself, and others who’ve been in an unfortunate situation.  By the end of the song, the powerhouse vocals are mind-blowing.  Where has she been hiding this? The most surprising moment is when she nails a high F that no one – NO ONE – thought she could hit. Judging by the content, Dr. Luke is definitely in the doghouse.

No. 2: “Old Flames (Can’t Hold a Candle to You)”

One of the very best songs from Rainbow doesn’t arrive until near the end. Regardless, “Old Flames (Can’t Hold a Candle to You)” is certainly worth the wait. “Old Flames” gives Kesha a genuine country hit. Helping the cause is the guest appearance by country royalty, Dolly Parton.  Ultimately, the duet is magical, memorable, and among the crème de la crème of Kesha’s career.

No. 3: “Woman”

On Woman,” Kesha enlists The Dap-Kings Horns to construct a soulful backdrop for her empowering, feminist vocals.  Given the unfortunate series of events that Kesha has been part of, this song seems like the perfect complement. Vocally, she continues to do things that we didn’t think she could do. The biggest offense is the profanity, which seems counterproductive given her message. Still, “Woman” is irresistible – even for the guys.

No. 4: “Learn to Let Go”

Learn to Let Go,” the third single from Rainbow, continues to showcase newfound maturity from Kesha. She reflects on the past, but arrives at the point that she must move forward in order to heal.  Being an encourager to others, she realizes she needs to embrace her own advice for herself.  Interestingly, in the context of Rainbow, “Learn to Let Go” comes off stronger than it did as a single. You go girl!

No. 5: “Hymn”

Hymnfits right into the uplifting, empowering, and all-inclusive nature of Rainbow.  Here, she’s recorded a “hymn for the hymn-less.” The tempo is on the slower, while the sound of the record has some urban-pop touches.  All in all, it’s well produced. The chorus ranks among the selling points.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Rainbow is a winner for Kesha.  Not every song is a three-point jumper, but the mid-range jump shots are going in from all areas of the court.  One thing’s for sure – Rainbow is a big musical step for Kesha.  She successfully shows she should have never been pigeonholed artistically. 

Gems: “Woman,” “Hymn,” “Praying,” “Learn to Let Go” & “Old Flames (Can’t Hold a Candle to You)”

Kesha • Rainbow • Kemosabe • Release: 8.11.17
Photo Credit: Kemosabe

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