Lana Del Rey, Lust for Life | Top 5 Songs


Lana Del Rey, Lust for Life © InterscopeLana del Rey returns with her highly anticipated fourth full-length album, Lust for Life. Lust ranks among her best work yet. 

Lana Del Rey – quite the polarizing musician to say the least! Back in 2014, Del Rey made the StarPulse list, 10 Musicians You Either Adore or Loathe, written by yours truly.  While she’s quite the character, what’s undeniable is the voice, which is by all means, one of a kind.  Throughout her fourth full-length album Lust for Life, Lana Del Rey showcases her best attribute over the course of 16 tracks. Lust for Life ranks among her best work.  Here are the top 5 songs from Lust for Life.

No. 1: “Summer Bummer”

There is no bummer whatsoever with “Summer Bummer,” which features dark production work with an enigmatic quality.  This vibe is perfectly suited to all parties involved. At the top, she sings in an indulgently in an undertone, yet adds more drama – or melodrama – in the process. Ad-libs appear throughout the record from Playboi Carti, who plays a supporting role. The other featured guest, A$AP Rocky, gets his own verse, depicting shallow, undercover love. All in all, a fun, carefree song.

No. 2: “Groupie Love”

“Groupie Love” follows “Summer Bummer” on the track listing. “Groupie Love” opens abruptly, with the robust vocals of Lana Del Rey setting the tone.  Expectedly, the sound is lush, atmospheric, indulgent. Vocally, she’s relaxed as always, never opting for a rhythmic driven delivery. As the title suggests, she characterizes the groupie who believes the famous musician whom she idolizes and cheers for is her man, hence, groupie love.  Naturally on the standout, A$AP Rocky returns, playing the role of her boo, the famous musician.

No. 3: “Lust for Life”

“Lust for Life” pairs Del Rey and The Weeknd once more.  She incorporates sultry speaking, as well as her signature vocals. She’s captures the Hollywood sentiment, exhibiting lust to be a successful star. She also focuses on her relationship. Ultimately, exemplified by the chorus, she uses the titular lyric, showcasing the optimism to live.  While the Weeknd is restrained on this particular record, his contributions are highly effective.

No. 4: “Love”

“Love,” the promo single from Lust for Life, commences the album. In some respects, it’s in a similar vein to much of her previous material.  It’s dramatic, filled with a palette of big sounds.  The drums are heavy, with something of an enigmatic backdrop.  This is atmospheric, heavy on the vibe.  Still, what’s changed is the optimism and less melodrama. 

No. 5: “Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind”

On “Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind,” Del Rey seems to be emotional, inspired, and all over the place.  Early on, she references Father John Misty and his wife. She then shifts to politics. Interestingly, politics and social issues continue on through a couple of songs from Lust for Life. “Coachella,” hence, encompasses her friendship with the Tillman family, “the children” (the future) whom she’s worried about, and a “Stairway to Heaven.” There’s something here, even if it’s not fully clear.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Lust for Life ranks at or near the top of the Lana Del Rey discography. The biggest flaws are length and the abundance of ballads.  In the grand scheme of things however, that’s nitpicking.

Gems: “Love,” “Lust for Life,” “Summer Bummer,” “Groupie Love,” “Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind,” & “Tomorrow Never Came”

Lana Del Rey • Lust for Life • Interscope • Release: 7.21.17
Photo Credit: Interscope

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