Jake Miller, 2:00am in LA | Top 5 Songs



Jake Miller, 2:00am in LA © Jake Miller MusicPop heartthrob Jake Miller remains consistent on his latest project, ‘2:00am in LA.’ More folks should be listening to the 24-yeard old artist. 

What is one of the first things you notice about Jake Miller? Likely, the answer most would say is his body – the dude is fit and exemplifies heartthrob status.  However, he’s much more than muscles and a handsome face. Miller is a talented pop artist who has yet to get his just due. 2:00am in LA continues to show his viability in the pop game.

#1 “Can’t Help Myself”

Opener “Can’t Help Myself” features slick production work, led by an electronic palette of sounds.  Jake Miller is charged up – with swagger that is. What’s the dude singing about? Sex. He pulls it off well, particularly when he ascends into his falsetto. All in all, a great start to 2:00am in LA.

#2 “Palm Blvd”

On “Palm Blvd,” Miller is ready to return home. Opting for personal lyrics, he discusses missing his family, using specific examples. He balances fun pop music and meaningful lyrics.

#3 “I Wish You Didn’t Love Me”

Miller showcases a beautiful vocal tone on “I Wish You Didn’t Love Me.” The record begins as a ballad, before evolving into a groovy, electro dance-pop record.  Gimmicky – particularly the pitch-shifted vocals – it’s infectious to the nth degree.

#4 “Halfway”

“Halfway,” the second track of 2:00am in LA, starts with a vengeance. It doesn’t take long for another f-bomb to show up. “Halfway” encompasses love, with Miller questioning her status in the relationship.  He wants the full investment – no halfway love.  All in all, another pleasant, enjoyable joint.

#5 “Parties”

On “Parties,” Miller allows himself to be vulnerable.  Sure, he doesn’t go all in, but he admits the pain of missing an ex- and not being able to see her with someone else.  It’s not a brand-new situation, but quite relatable.

“I don’t go to parties anymore / ‘Cause I’m afraid to see you / When I open up the door/ standing there with my replacement.”

Honorable Mentions

Love, rather sex is on his mind on sensual, slow jam “No Return.” There may be no foul words, but Miller ‘lives on the edge’ on this one.  Closer “Back to the Start” is refreshing, finding Miller rapping again.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Jake Miller delivers an enjoyable, brief album – or mini-album with 2:00am in LA. He balances pop for pop’s sake and getting personal as well.  This isn’t a game changing pop album, but the painfully underrated musician continues grinding and remaining consistent.

Gems: “Can’t Help Myself,” “Palm Blvd” & “I Wish You Didn’t Love Me”

Jake Miller • 2:00am in LA • Jake Miller Music, Inc. • Release: 6.16.17
Photo Credit: Jake Miller Music, Inc.

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