Coldplay, Kaleidoscope EP | Top 3 Songs


Coldplay, Kaleidoscope EP © Atlantic
Coldplay returns with a five-song EP, Kaleidoscope.  Throughout its course, the British band switches between alternative rock and pop.

What does a solo artist or band do when they are in between albums? Besides touring or being on hiatus, they release an EP.  Coldplay has released EPs in the past, but, as to be expected, such projects don’t garner the same attention as full-length albums.  Nonetheless, Kaleidoscope EP is a worthwhile listen, clocking in at a mere 24 minutes.  With a smaller sample size than usual, we’ll highlight the top three songs.

#1 “All I Can Think About Is You”

“All I Can Think About Is You” gets the party started successfully. Heavy drums, prominent bass line, and solid production make this a head-nodding gem. Another highlight of the opener is the harmonic progression.  Sure, the beginning hangs around the tonic (for the music theory nerds), but after some development, Chris Martin and company spread their wings.  Another pro about the opener is that Coldplay embraces more of alt-sound as opposed to pop.

#2 “A L I E N S”

“A L I E N S” has a number of pros.  The first is the meter. So often, we’re accustomed to everything being in common time.  Here, Coldplay opt for 5/4, naturally stretching the ear more.  Another pro is focusing on the alternative once again. The ambience! The extraterrestrial vibes!

#3 “Hypnotised”

“Hypnotised” concludes Kaleidoscope in its “EP Mix.” The original single was released on March 3, 2017.  Although it was already hypnotic, the new mix retains this sensibility. Arguably, the version at hand is a bit more compelling.  Perhaps It’s not necessarily the second coming, but it’s definitely radiant.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Kaleidoscope EP has its fair share of moments.  The best is arguably the opener, which ranks among their best songs in years.  Still, if this EP is judged as a whole, the question is what is the identity of the band at this point? Three alternative tracks (all top picks) and two pop numbers – who is the real Coldplay? Given its brevity and a respectable sampling of soundness, in reiteration, Kaleidoscope EP is a worthwhile listen.

Gems: “All I Can Think About Is You” & “A L I E N S”

Coldplay • Kaleidoscope EP • Parlophone • Release: 7.14.17
 Photo Credit: Parlophone

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