Daley, The Spectrum | Top 5 Songs


Daley, The Spectrum © BMG Rights ManagementTalented, though under-appreciated British R&B singer Daley returns with an excellent sophomore album with ‘The Spectrum.’

Despite being underrated, Gareth Daley – better known by mononym Daley – is an extremely talented artist.  Vocally, the British R&B singer has mad chops.  Unfortunately, stateside, his debut 2014 debut album, Days & Nights, didn’t get a lot of commercial buzz.  Nonetheless, he returns with a captivating sophomore LP, The SpectrumOnce more, his immense talent is on display.

#1 “Until the Pain is Gone”

Daley amplifies emotions on the soulful “Until the Pain is Gone,” featuring Jill Scott.  It initiates lushly, showcasing its urban identity from the onset.  While it’s old school, the vibe is refreshing because rarer as opposed to being the dominant flavor.  Making a formidable team, Daley and Scott deliver authentic performances about the plight of love.

#2 “Slow Burn”

While Daley may be singing about a “Slow Burn,” the record itself isn’t the least bit slow.  Rhythmic drums and a sick bass line anchor one of the funkiest joints of The Spectrum.  Falsetto is readily available – that’s a definite pro.

#3 “Sympathy”

“Sympathy” is slickly produced, once again finding Daley plays the balancing act.  The guitars are funky of old, yet this throwback joint feels fresh in 2017.  Still, this has 70s and 80s written all over it, with a lot of Prince cues in play.

#4 “Temple”

“Temple” initiates mysteriously, with a low-key sensibility. Interestingly, the record has a moody, alternative R&B feel, while still maintaining the soul we’re accustomed to hearing from Daley.  The chorus is a surefire highlight, as is the powerful ending.

#5 “The Only One”

“The Only One,” set in six-eight, exemplifies the powerful, moving slow jam. Arguably, “The Only One” is one of Daley’s best and most emotional performances from The Spectrum.

Honorable Mention: “Selfish”

On “Selfish” Daley balances his natural, chest voice and falsetto seamlessly. Strings, particularly cello, add a lovely, classy touch to the production work here.  What does he need to be selfish about? Expressing how he feels, telling you “what’s on his mind.”

Final Thoughts 

All in all, Daley drops an excellent sophomore album with The Spectrum.  Vocally, he sounds on-point throughout the entirety of the project.  Face it, it’s hard to find someone with a sweeter falsetto. Daley is a beast.

Gems: “Until the Pain is Gone,” “Selfish,” “Temple,” “Slow Burn,” “Sympathy” & “The Only One”

Daley • The Spectrum • BMG Rights Management • Release: 7.14.17
Photo Credit: BMG Rights Management

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