HAIM, Something to Tell You | Top 5 Songs

HAIM, Something to Tell You © ColumbiaCali sister trio HAIM returns with their highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Something to Tell You.’ Overall, it ends up being a respectable effort.

HAIM has returned! Who? For those unfamiliar, HAIM is a trio of sisters from California who got folks buzzing with their debut album, Days Are Gone, released in 2013. After a lengthy hiatus, and gargantuan buzz, lots of folks started talking about their sophomore album, Something to Tell You, long before it arrived. With high anticipation on their side, is Something to Tell You worthy of the hype? Overall, it has some great moments, but isn’t the album of the year. Here are the top-five songs from Something to Tell You.

#1. “Little of Your Love”

“Little of Your Love” incorporates more of a throwback soul sound. This aspect of the production predates the 80s vibe that dominates Something to Tell You, but it’s clear the sisters don’t totally eschew the ear. Interestingly, one of the guitar riffs sounds country-tinged, even going against the grain of the soft-rock touches. “Little of Your Love” is infectious – a hit from start to finish.

#2. “Want You Back”

“Want You Back” commences Something to Tell You energetically, setting the tone. The opener successfully blends 80s pop and R&B, with soft rock sensibilities. While “Want You Back” never roars, it’s hip – cool to the nth degree. The chorus represents the best moment, hands down.

#3. “Kept Me Crying”

The soulful “Kept Me Crying” provides a fine change of pace. Grooving with a shuffle feel, throwback vibes slate this somewhere between soul and 70s rock. As always, the production remains one of the best features of Something to Tell You as a whole. The guitars indeed rock!

#4. “Ready for You”

“Ready for You” contrasts, sounding as if it could’ve appeared on a George Michael album – sound and vibe. Additionally, the sound is reminiscent of The 1975, particularly sophomore album I Like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. One of the highlights is the bridge section, which similar to 80s trends, goes completely left-of-center of the verses and chorus. Again, the chorus “shines bright like a diamond.”

“I promise I’ll treat you right / Been waiting my whole damn life / Baby, it’s about time / I wasn’t ready for you / Funny how this whole game played / Three years since I learned your name / The wrong time, the wrong place / I wasn’t ready for you.”

#5. “Walking Away”

“Walking Away” features cool, yet feisty vocals by Danielle Haim. This is one of the premiere moments. The quick-paced, staccato rhythmic vocals definitely add the cherry on top.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, HAIM deliver an enjoyable sophomore effort with Something to Tell You. Being unfamiliar with the trio until now, there is nothing to compare it to. As a new listener it’s respectable, at times incredibly enjoyable, and other times, it fades into the background. Still, there’s enough good material here, even if there’s little that transcends.

Gems: “Want You Back,” “Little of Your Love,” “Ready for You,” “Kept Me Crying” & “Walking Away”

HAIM • Something to Tell You • Columbia • Release: 7.7.17
Photo Credit: Columbia

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