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Bleachers, Gone Now © RCAAfter releasing four intriguing singles, Bleachers (Jack Antonoff) has a potential hit on its hands with its sophomore album, ‘Gone Now.’

Following a successful debut album (Strange Desire, 2014), Bleachers – aka Jack Antonoff – returns with his sophomore album, Gone NowStrange Desire spawned one of best songs of 2014, “I Wanna Get Better.” Gone Now is comprised of 12 tracks, with four songs arriving prior to its release: “Hate That You Know Me,” “Don’t Take the Money,” “Everybody Lost Somebody,” and “I Miss Those Days.”

Single no. 1: “Don’t Take the Money 

“Don’t Take the Money” has nothing to do with money. Throughout the course of the record, Antonoff depicts elements of his relationship.  Some parts of the relationships are good, while others aren’t. According to him, “don’t take the money” is a phrase he says to himself in regards to a gut feeling.  On the first verse, Antonoff takes issue with love.  Similarly, on the second verse, Antonoff continues to describe the plight of love. In the context of the chorus, he embraces the push and pull of love. On the bridge, he gives advice about facing similar situations and decisions regarding love. Give Bleachers props for being clever on “Don’t Take the Money.”

Single no. 2: “Hate That You Know Me

From the jump, “Hate That You Know Me” has hit written all over it. On the verses, Antonoff builds the case against things he doesn’t like about himself.  He seems to be lying to others, and arguably, even to himself.  His lover, however, can read between all the BS.  An uncredited Carly Rae Jepsen gives Antonoff a brilliant assist, even though she’s not prominently featured. Ultimately, Antonoff outdoes himself here.

Single no. 3: “Everybody Lost Somebody

“Everybody Lost Somebody” opens mysteriously, with an interlude, coupled with excerpts of the production work, muted in the background.  This foreshadows what’s to come – a beat that hits you right in the chest, jazzy, soulful saxophones, and of course, synth action.  Expectedly, it’s another production showcase for Antonoff.  Vocally, the performance is uneven, yet incredibly playful, incorporating both spoken and sung portions.  All said and done, “Everybody Lost Somebody” is another compelling piece of Gone Now.

Single no. 4: “I Miss Those Days

“I Miss Those Days” reminisces on the fun, more adventurous times of the past. Antonoff kicks off the record addressing the topic of getting older. The record features a bright, energetic sound, particularly on the chorus sections.  The production is quite boisterous, particularly the signature Bleachers drums, which hit you right in the chest.  Furthermore, the enthusiasm of Jack Antonoff is a pro – his authenticity and investment is indisputable.  Ultimately, “I Miss Those Days” is another fun, enjoyable record.

Final Thoughts 

Based upon four intriguing pre-release singles, all indications suggest Gone Now will be a great album. All of the singles are respectable.  Arguably, second single “Hate That You Know Me” is the crème de la crème. Jack Antonoff should be proud.

Bleachers • Gone Now • RCA • Release: 6.2.17
Photo Credit: RCA

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