Single Spotlight: JOEY-A, ‘JUiCE’


JOEY-A, JUiCE © JOEY-AFollowing his sexy debut single “PARiS,” Cleveland bred musician JOEY-A returns with a second, equally sexy single, “JUiCE.”

Who’s got the juice? JOEY-A’s got the juice! In April 2017, up-and-coming artist JOEY-A entered onto the scene. He made our ears perk up, combining multiple influences with his own, self-described sexy and visceral sound.  His debut single, “PARiS,” co-written with Andy Love and Damien Lewis, was nothing short of a success.  On his second single, “JUiCE,” he checks off all boxes once more, employing the same team.  You always remember your first, as the old saying goes, a fair assessment of “PARis.” That said, judging by the quality of “JUiCE,” we’ll remember the second [JOEY-A single] as well.

Like “PARiS,” The production work on “JUiCE” is slickly assembled. The record opens enigmatically.  It doesn’t last long.  A few seconds in, the infectious groove establishes stability, inciting uncontrollable head-nodding and foot tapping.  Clearly, the sound is a blend of pop and dance.  Even so, there’s a dash of rock, thanks to the overall energetic sound and, of course, guitar.  Once more, the sound and vibe of the record is spot-on sans rubs.

Lyrically, JOEY A keeps things simple and of course, sexy.  On the first verse, he sets the tone.  Clearly, it’s about to go down:

“Middle of the night / Body like a canvas / I just wanna paint / Then assess the damage…”

Similarly, on the second verse, his innuendo game remains on-point:

“…Let your fingers do the work / Girl you got that magic touch / We crossin’ every line…”

On the chorus, he utters the famous three-letter word, ultimately characterizing her as his juice.  He also starts incorporating that filthy, disgusting thing known as falsetto.  Sex and falsetto? Perfect combo – T.K.O for sure!

“Your sex is my fire / Your love got me loose / Keep filling me up baby that’s my juice / My hands on your body / I’m making a mess of you /Keep filling me up baby that’s my juice.”

Final Thoughts

Even though JOEY-A gets “down and dirty,” he keeps it classy, which is respectable by all means. Once again, he strikes gold. His voice remains compelling, the production work is superb, and “JUiCE” is incredibly relatable. Topping “PARiS” is no easy task, but “JUiCE” certainly lays claim to matching it if nothing else.  Bravo Mr. A, bravo!

JOEY-A • JUiCE – single • Release: 5.5.17

“JUiCE” Credits:

Produced by Damien Lewis and JOEY-A.
Engineered by Damien Lewis and JOEY-A.
Mixed by Damien Lewis.
Written by JOEY-A, Andy Love and Damien Lewis.
Recorded in Malibu, CA.

©2017 Ariemma Publishing LLC All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credit: JOEY-A

Originally published on The Musical Hype on May 5, 2017.  


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