Highlights: Young M.A, ‘Herstory’


Young M.A., Herstory © M.A. Music, 3DEast coast rap newcomer Young M.A. shows grit and toughness on her debut EP, ‘Herstory.’

Newcomer Young M.A. brings a tough-as-nail persona to rap.  The deep-voiced female MC from Brooklyn could easily be mistaken for a male on hard-hitting banger, “Ooouuu.”  For a female rapper, she brings tons of machismo to the table…or something like that.  Interestingly, according to Rolling Stone, Young M.a. was nearly Freda on Empire, but declined the role.  While she probably would’ve nailed it, she proves why she’s an MC to watch on her debut EP, Herstory.

“Hot Sauce”

On the first full-length song from Herstory, “Hot Sauce,” Young M.A. remains blunt. “Hot Sauce” is raw, like the intro, and sounds more like a song from a mixtape as opposed to a studio EP.  Ultimately, the song encompasses partying, money, and sex. Among the most interesting lines happen to revolve around sex, whether she’s frank or merely suggestive.

“She let me hit it out the park like I’m Babe Ruth.”


“JOOTD” features Monica – via a sample of her classic hit, “Don’t Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days).” The sound is raw, thanks to the sample and new production work being in opposing keys.  As far as the rhymes, Young M.A. merely isn’t in the mood…for sex, camaraderie, etc.  The first line of the first verse confirms her mood: “Airplane mode on these hoes.” Word.  She doesn’t deliver anything profound, but “JOOTD” is enjoyable enough.


“OOOUUU” closes Herstory on a high note with her breakthrough hit.  t’s not the flashiest work on the boards, but the production suits her and evokes the East Coast sound. Young M.a. goes on to delivery fierce rhymes on her verse, which is essentially hookless save for the nonsensical titular catch-line. Continually unapologetic, one of the baddest rhymes comes with a sexual reference often delivered by her male counterparts:

“Baby gave me head, that’s a low blow / damn she make me weak when she deep throat / I need a rich b*tch not a cheap ho / They be on that hate shit, I peep though.”

She doesn’t stop there, though.  Her rhymes continue to comprise of sex (shocker).  The line of the song appears further down the verse:

“If that’s your chick, then why she texting me? / Why she keep calling my phone speaking sexually / every time I’m out, why she stressing me? / You call her Stephanie? I call her Headphanie (OOOUUU).”

Final Thoughts

So… The first EP from Young M.A. – how does it stack up ultimately? All in all, this is a sound start for the rapper, but not game changing.  Clearly, Young M.A. has tons of potential.  The problem is, she needs to expand her scope.  The script is a bit predictable.  If the script is predictable on just seven songs, how much more predictable will it be over, say 10 or more? Still, there’s a lot to like about the foul-mouthed MC, so look at Herstory as only “scratching the surface” of what’s to come.

Gems: “Hot Sauce,” “JOOTD” & “OOOUUU”

Young M.A. • Herstory (EP) • M.A. Music/3D • Release: 4.28.17 
Photo Credit: M.A. Music/3D

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