Highlights: Blackbear, ‘digital druglord’


blackbear, digital druglord © beartrapBlackbear shines on his highly anticipated new album, digital druglordDigital druglord comprises of drugs, money, and sex. 

Blackbear – aka Mat Musto – is one interesting dude. Not so much due to his numerous tats, but because of his musical versatility. Stylistically, his niche is in the urban realm.  Up until this point, his biggest claim to fame is serving as co-writer of the Justin Bieber hit, “Boyfriend,” alongside Mike Posner.  He drops a compelling new album, digital druglord.

“Hell is where I dreamt of u and woke up alone”

Blackbear opens digital druglord with a bang.  “Hell is where I dreamt of u and woke up alone” begins with a reference to drugs:

“My nose is burning / Too much cocaine…/ ‘Cause I just railed down enough lines tonight / To spell your first and last name.”

Drugs may fuel the fire for blackbear, but ultimately, he’s depressed because he “dreamt of you / and woke up alone.”

 “I Miss the old u”

“I miss the old you / Before you f*cked G-Eazy / Both the Migos too…” 

“I Miss the old u” finds blackbear pissed at his girl.  Essentially, she’s become shallow in his eyes, hence losing her authenticity.  His descriptions are definitely profane, including characterizing her as “ungrateful” and later “cold.” On the chorus, he blames her for his issues:

“I miss the old me / I miss the way I used to be / I miss the old me / And now these drugs controllin’ me / It’s all your fault, baby / Still reaching for the Henny.”

“Do re mi”

“Do re mi” has nothing to do with pitch syllables, aka solfege – at least beyond constructing a hella catchy chorus:

“Do re mi fa so f*ckin’ done with you, girl / So f*ckin’ done with all the games you play / I ain’t no tic tac toe / Send the X and O’s on another note.”

Using those pitch syllables only amplifies the catchiness and cleverness of “Do re mi.” As with “I Miss the old u,” blackbear isn’t happy with his girl.  If he didn’t break up with her previously, “do re mi” is the final straw.  Remaining profane, he asserts, “B*tch, you crazy.”

“Juicy sweatsuits”

“Juicy sweatsuits” continues to find blackbear speaking ill of his exes.  Through his eyes, his exes want him back and are clearly trying to make him angry by joining forces.  He is unfazed, criticizing their poor choices – namely cocaine usage – and ultimately being thankful he’s out of the relationship.  Juicy J remains true to himself, referencing the Wraith (it was mentioned earlier on digital druglord) and essentially, paralleling his come-up with upgrading his chick.

“You think you can do better, you just lyin’ to yourself / Can’t name one n*gga that can never keep up / My last chick wasn’t dope enough, I had to re-up.”

 “If I could I would feel nothing”

Once more, on standout “If I could I would feel nothing,” blackbear is brutally honest.  Although he has money, he’s still unhappy.  Furthermore, even though he plans to hook up, it’s nothing more than empty sex – a one night stand.  Throughout this slow, but rhythmic joint, blackbear emphasizes “no feelings, no strings attached, girl.”

Final Thoughts

So, can blackbear change your whole damn life in a day? Maybe, just maybe. Digital druglord is an enjoyable effort that weaves elements of drugs, sex, and relationships together.  This effort isn’t perfectly assembled, but there’s more to love about digital druglord than to hate.  Blackbear has definitely got next.

Gems: “I Miss the old u,” “do re mi,” “Juicy sweatsuits,” “If I could I would feel nothing”

Blackbear • digital druglord • beartrap • Release: 4.21.17
Photo Credit: beartrap

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