Music Shopping Spotlight: Brad Paisley, ‘Love and War’

Brad Paisley, Love and War © SonyBrad Paisley (‘Love and War’) leads new music to check out beginning Friday, April 21, 2017.  Incubus, blackbear, and Sheryl Crow also drop new albums.

Ah, April 21, 2017 – the third Friday in April! Every Friday represents just one thing in the music world – new music release day! Enough screamers (aka exclamation marks) for one post! April 21, 2017 isn’t a particularly exciting week for new music, but there are some worthwhile new releases to check out. Brad Paisley (Love and War) leads the charge.

Brad Paisley, Love and War


Veteran country artist Brad Paisley returns with Love and War, his first album since Moonshine in the Trunk arrived in August 2014. Comprised of 16 tracks, five singles were issued prior to Love and War: “Heaven South,” “Last Time for Everything,” “Today,” “Selfie#Theinternetisforever,” and “Gold All Over the Ground.”  Featured guests are Mick Jagger, John Fogerty, Timbaland, and Bill Anderson.

Other Releases:

Incubus, 8; blackbear, digital druglord; Sheryl Crow, Be Myself; Kim Walker-Smith, On My Side; Jelly Roll, Addiction Kills; The Get Down, Pt. 2 (Original Soundtrack from the Netflix Original series); Groundhog Day The Musical (Original Cast Recording); PJ Morton, Gumbo

Photo Credits: Sony

To read the full write-up of new releases arriving April 21, 2017, check out the original article Music Shopping List: Brad Paisley Leads the Charge on The Musical Hype.

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