Playlist: Number Songs

Bruno Mars, 24K Magic © AtlanticOn the 14 songs that grace this playlist, numbers serve as a central part of the song and song title.

“24K Magic,” “8TEEN,” “33 ‘GOD’” … Sigh. Sometimes, numbers make the best, most creative song titles. Minimally, the use of a number or numbers can accentuate a title.  In the case of the 14 songs that grace this playlist, numbers serve as a central part of the song and song title in some capacity.  In most cases, the number is the first part of the song title you read.  These 14 songs are a small, SMALL percentage of songs where it’s all about the numbers.

1. Bruno Mars, “24K Magic”

24K Magic, Atlantic, 2016

24K Magic”  initiates 24K Magic fiercely, drenched in swagger.  Bruno elevates himself as the player of players, spitting mad game.

Khalid, American Teen © RCA2. Khalid, “8TEEN”

American Teen, RCA, 2017

On “8TEEN,” Up-and-coming R&B artist Khalid reflects on being young and dumb.

“So let’s do all the stupid shit that young kids do.”



Trey Songz, Tremaine the Album © Atlantic3. Trey Songz, “#1Fan”

Tremaine the Album, Atlantic, 2017  

“Having sex with my number one fan / So why am I so nervous?”

Utterly ridiculous, Trey Songz is concerned about his sexual performance with a groupie on “#1Fan.”


The Chainsmokers, Memories...Do Not Open © Columbia4. The Chainsmokers, “The One”

Memories…Do Not Open, Columbia, 2017

“The One” gives The Chainsmokers a ballad – new territory for the duo. The record captures an ended relationship,

Bon Iver, 22, A Million © Jagjaguwar5. Bon Iver, “33 ‘GOD’”

22, A Million, Jagjaguwar, 2016

Keeping in step with the themes of 22, A Million, “33 “GOD”” dabbles in romance and spirituality.

Tuxedo, Tuxedo II © Stones Throw6. Tuxedo, “2nd Time Around”

Tuxedo II, Stones Throw, 2017

“2nd Time Around” is an infectiously penned, well-performed, and produced  song about rekindling a relationship and building it up the right way.

Lukas Graham © Warner Bros7. Lukas Graham, “7 Years”

Lukas Graham, Warner Bros., 2016

“7 Years” is the rare meaningful, reflective, and catchy pop song. “7 Years” is realistic, hypothetical, and captivating all-in-one. 

Kevin Gates, Islah © Bread Winners’ Association/Atlantic8. Kevin Gates, “2 Phones”

Islah, Breadwinner’s Association, 2016

Kevin Gates keeps it pretty simple on “2 Phones.” One phone is for hustling, while the other phone is for his personal use, including hollering at girls.

Charlie Puth, Nine Track Mind © Atlantic9. Charlie Puth, “One Call Away”

Nine Track Mind, Artist Partner Group, 2016  

One Call Away” was one of the better moments of Nine Track Mind, the debut album by Charlie Put. Even so, don’t call it a classic. The biggest deal breaker is the cringe-worthy Superman lyric:


“I’m only one call away / I’ll be there to save the day / Superman got nothing on me / I’m only one call away.”

Maren Morris, Hero © Columbia10. Maren Morris, “80s Mercedes”

HERO, Columbia, 2016

“80s Mercedes” represents new-look country, that transcends typical country cues.  True to its title, the 80s gets a nod here, giving the record a unique, surprisingly successful sound.

Ty Dolla Sign, Campaign © Atlantic11. Ty Dolla $ign ft. Travis Scott, “3 Wayz”

Campaign, RCA, 2016 

On  3 Wayz,” lean plays a notable role. The pace is slow and lethargic, embracing a druggy vibe that Ty Dolla $ign seemingly wants fans to experience. “3 Wayz” is the ultimate example of excess.

Jon Bellion, The Human Condition © Capitol12. Jon Bellion, “80’s Films”

The Human Condition, Capitol, 2016

On “80s Films,” eclectic, multifaceted pop musician Jon Bellion is going back to his high school days, and what ‘love’ felt like back then. The biggest goals is hooking up.  Bellion does a superb job referencing  the most 80s movie (The Breakfast Club) and most 80s artist (Cyndi Lauper) ever.

Mac Miller, GO:OD am © Warner Bros13. Mac Miller, “100 Grandkids”

GO:OD AM, Warner Bros., 2015

Somehow, Mac Miller is able to blend grandkids and 100 grand on the electrifying “100 Grandkids.” “100 Grandkids” is a great balance of Miller’s underground rap and what major labels desire from an artist. Ultimately, Mac thought he was the shit and a king when he made $100,000.

BØRNS, Dopamine © Interscope14. BØRNS, “10,000 Emerald Pools”

Dopamine, Interscope, 2015

“10,000 Emerald Pools,” the opener from BØRNS’ debut Dopamine, does a fantastic job of setting the tone, showcasing his mad pipes.

To read the full playlist post with full analysis of these songs, check out the original article, Songs Where It’s All About the Numbers.

Photo Credits: Atlantic, RCA, Columbia, Jagjaguwar, Stones Throw, Warner Bros., Breadwinner’s Association, Artists Partner Group, Capitol, Interscope

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