Single Spotlight: JOEY-A, ‘PARiS’


JOEY-A, PARiS © JOEY-AOn his excellent, sexy debut single “PARiS,” up-and-coming artist JOEY-A proves he’s got next.    

Music enthusiasts everywhere, introducing JOEY-A, a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Cleveland Ohio. A fan of artists including Prince, Justin Timberlake, and Pharrell Williams, clearly, this guy has excellent musical tastes.  He shows off his musicianship on debut single “PARiS,” co-written with Andy Love and Damien Lewis.

Seeking to create music sexy and visceral enough to make you move, while deep enough to move you, he accomplishes the task on “PARiS” easily. Energetic from the start, “PARis” a killer, danceable groove holds the joint down.  Furthermore, the total production is awesome: the drums, rhythmic electric guitar, and synths.

JOEY-A has a stellar voice. On the verses, he allows time for things to percolate. Still, he gets off to a fast start:

“She’s dipped in gold / She likes it fancy / Drinks pink champagne / As her hair falls down.”

The best moment of the pre-chorus is his falsetto, even if he’s stingy with it, sigh.  By the chorus, he’s on fire, elevating “Paris” on a pedestal.

Ultimately, JOEY-A nails it on “PARis.” It’s tastefully sexy, exceptionally well produced, and superbly performed. Face it, it’s hard to bet against JOEY-A – he’s got next.

JOEY-A • PARiS – single • Release: 4.7.17

For the full track review, check out Track Review: JOEY-A, ‘PARiS’ at The Musical Hype.

“PARiS” Credits: Produced & Engineered by Damien Lewis and JOEY-A.  Written by JOEY-A, Andy Love and Damien Lewis. All vocals performed by JOEY-A.  All instruments performed by JOEY-A and Damien Lewis.  ©2017 ariemma publishing llc / onexone sound. All Rights Reserved. 
Photo Credit: JOEY-A

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