Highlights: G-Eazy & Carnage, ‘Step Brothers (EP)’


G-Eazy & Carnage, Step Brothers © RCABay Area rapper, G-Eazy, and DJ Carnage are cocky and confident on their four-song EP, ‘Step Brothers.’ Step Brothers encompasses money and sex.

G-Eazy blew up in 2015, period.  His sophomore album, When It’s Dark Out, earned him a platinum album. Now, G-Eazy pairs up with longtime friend Carnage for a four-song EP, Step Brothers.  Depth isn’t the M.O. ladies and gentlemen, but flexing and “not giving a what” is the M.O. All in all, the result is an enjoyable affair.


The crème de la crème of Step Brothers is opener “Guala.” Fiery from the start, “Guala” samples Erik Satie’s Gnossienne No. 1. Add a hard, anchoring beat, and cocky and confident rhymes from G-Eazy and guest Thirty Rack, and “Guala” is a killer banger. G-Eazy flexes hard, “killing these beats” and more brashly asserting:

“I put my d*ck on her forehead / Less conversation and more head.”

As for Thirty Rack, he’s no tamer.   

 “Gimme Gimme”

“Gimme Gimme” is the second-best song from the EP.  Like “Guala,” G-Eazy offers an infectious hook.  Nothing groundbreaking or transcendent, the hook sets up another potential hit.

“Yeah, gimme, gimme, gimme money / Spendin’, spendin’, spendin’ money / People say they want my spot? / But you’ll never get it from me.”

Beyond his self-assured hook, generally, G-Eazy offers more of the same in regards to his rhymes.  He’s definitely turned-up. Throughout, he continues to reference sex.

“Yeah, I’m on point like an ice pick / On lock like a vice grip / and your girl is on my tip / You never see the day that I slip.”


“Buddha” keeps Step Brothers rolling, assisted by SmokePurpp. Confidence continues in excess as G-Eazy flexes once more. While his sexcapades grow stale, he nails it at the end of the first verse.

“She calls me when she wants me to d*ck her / So fine that she made me c** quicker…” 

Arguably, “Down for Me” is the weakest song from Step Brothers.  Still, the joint, featuring 24hrs, is respectable. To his credit, G-Eazy isn’t as brash, contrasting the biting trio of cuts preceding it.


Final Thoughts

All in all, G-Eazy and Carnage assemble an enjoyable EP.  The best songs – “Guala” and “Gimme Gimme” – come at the top.  G-Eazy is too obsessed with himself and his jewels, but the Bay Area rapper has solidified his spot in the game. 

Gems: “Guala” & “Gimme Gimme”

 G-Eazy & Carnage • Step Brothers – EP • RCA • Release: 3.31.17
Photo Credit: RCA

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