Highlights: La’Porsha Renae, ‘Already All Ready’


La'Porsha Renae, Already All Ready © 19American Idol runner-up La’Porsha Renae showcases tremendous Potential on her debut R&B album, ‘Already All Ready.’

Somehow, La’Porsha Renae ended up being snubbed on the final season of American Idol (no disrespect Trent Harmon).  A powerful, supremely talented vocalist, Renae became the latest victim of the “should’ve won, but didn’t club” on the show. Nonetheless, producers knew they had to sign the up-and-coming R&B diva, hence, the arrival of her debut album, Already All Ready.  Despite a questionable promo campaign, Already All Ready features some fantastic moments.

“What Is Love” & “Good Woman”

“What is Love” kicks off Already All Ready in spirited fashion.  Driven by bright synths and led by Renea’s commanding voice, “What Is Love” makes a strong initial statement.  It’s followed up with early promo single “Good Woman,” a gritty old-school, six-eight ballad encompassing empowerment, feminism, and independence for women. She delivers biting vocals, giving a vocal performance filled with conviction and the utmost passion.  “Good Woman” may not being anything brand new to the table, but she nails it.

“Hideout” & “Already All Ready”

“Hideout” packs a mighty punch, giving Already All Ready one of its catchiest and most emotional songs.  Among the crème de la crème of the album is title track, “Already All Ready.”  The record successfully blends throwback soul and hip-hop.  Renae is filled with attitude, easily commanding this funky joint and showing off her superb instrument.

“Lock You Down”

“Lock You Down” reminisces back to the early 00s. Why? The record favors the Rich Harrison bangers of the time – Beyoncé (“Crazy in Love”) and Amerie (“1 Thing”).  Unsurprisingly, Renae has pipes to spare on feisty record.  “Cover Up” concludes Already All Ready with a beautiful women’s empowerment anthem

Final Thoughts

Overall, 23-year old La’Porsha Renae delivers an enjoyable, sound debut with Already All Ready.  Vocally, she is absolutely stunning. Additionally, there are some great moments, such as the enthusiastic opener “What Is Love,” the resolute “Good Woman,” or the funky “Already All Ready.” Already All Ready may not win Renae the success she deserves, but this LP is chocked full of potential, without question.

Gems: “What Is Love,” “Good Woman,” “Hideout,” “Already All Ready” & “Lock You Down”

La’Porsha Renae • Already All Ready • 19/Motown • Release: 3.31.17
Photo Credit: 19/Motown

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