Highlights: Trey Songz, ‘Tremaine the Album’


Trey Songz, Tremaine the Album © AtlanticFor Trey Songz, sex remains his best friend on his seventh studio album, ‘Tremaine the Album.’ Once more, the bedroom serves as fuel for the fire.

After a three-year hiatus, Trey Songz returns with his seventh studio album, Tremaine The Album.  Interestingly, the R&B standout delivered an aggressive promo campaign for Tremaine, issuing five singles along with a music video for each.  It’s a smart strategy, considering the fact that R&B hasn’t exactly igniting the charts on fire.  Trey Songz continues to use sex to his advantage, erecting himself as the new R. Kelly of sorts.  Tremaine ultimately ends up being another successful album, as he continues to make sensual matters compelling listening.  

“Nobody Else but You” 

Trey Songz hangs up his “playa shoes” on “Nobody Else but You,” the first promo single from Tremaine.  Well produced, “Nobody Else but You” features a sound palette of adult contemporary R&B and urban contemporary cues.  Much like the song itself, it isn’t flashy, but incredible consistent.  Returning to the first point, Songz focuses on real love, eschewing his sexually promiscuous past.  If nothing else, his newfound maturity deserves props.

“Even when I try and the hos keep calling / why we in the club, why I’m always ballin’ / Tryna be in love, we don’t fall too often / It’s hard to, but still / I don’t want nobody else but you.”


On “Nobody Else but You,” Trey Songz seemed to be turning a corner.  On “Playboy,” however, he can’t get past his playboy status.  From the jump, he shares his shortcomings:

“…Still running ‘round tryin’ to lay up / Still f*cking but I wanna make love, I really want to / Don’t know why I’m still a playboy.”

On the verses, he provides details for his playboy problem.  He’s quick to cite his conquests, remains guilty of those conquests, yet he genuinely wants to better himself… supposedly. Though “Playboy” lacks transcendence, vocally, Songz remains in his artistic lane.


“Song Goes Off” 

On “Song Goes Off,” Trey want to rekindle his love with an old flame, “before the song goes off.” Like the majority of Tremaine, the production work is slick, appealing to both adult R&B and urban contemporary bases.  Songz continues to deliver ‘grade A’ vocals, painting himself to be the perfect match for his ex. On the second verse, he bluntly asks, “Who’s making love to you?” Sex continues to be a saturation point, yet that’s the expectation with a Trey Songz joint.

“She Lovin It”

“She Lovin It” was the fourth single issued ahead of Tremaine.  Arguably, it’s the most infectious, thriving AGAIN off of Songz’s knack for singing about sex.  Slightly different in sound from the previous singles, the use of acoustic guitar is a nice touch.  Eventually, the guitar is supplanted by ripe urban contemporary cues – the standard.  It doesn’t take much thought to figure out exactly what Trey’s girl is “lovin” – sex.  He certainly keeps it 100:

“She said that she don’t wanna be f*cked / I said, ‘Why the hell are you sleeping naked?’ / She told me she ain’t ready, oh no / But that shy girl shit kinda overrated.”


On “Animal,” sex remains the motivation for Trey Songz.  Playing true to its animalistic title, Trey offers no shortage of sensual metaphors, namely the reference to his anaconda – cue up Nicki Minaj, please. Even with his filthy mind working on overdrive, “Animal” isn’t overtly explicit…somehow. Still, he desires to “Get to your forbidden fruit” and “Turn the bed into a jungle.” Predictably, he delivers a reference to dogs and cats:

“I’m a dog, I’m a dog / I’m a eat that pussy cat.”

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, Trey Songz delivers another successful R&B album.  Tremaine the Album doesn’t offer anything “brand new” from the artist, but he continues to flex.  Can Songz continue to build his career on nothing more than sex? Maybe or maybe not, but up until this point of his career, it’s boded well in his favor.  Tremaine isn’t his best album, but the voice is still fantastic and the material is enjoyable more often than not.

Gems: “Nobody Else but You,” “Playboy,” “Song Goes Off,” “She Lovin It” & “Animal”

Trey Songz • Tremaine the Album • Atlantic • Release: 3.24.17
Photo Credit: Atlantic

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  1. he been a R.Kelly Clone a Whopper JR for a a decade. to me his best stuff was his first album and that ain’t left a lasting mark. unlike R.Kelly Trey doesn’t have any money cuts and he still hasn’t made that song yet. e is a journeyman R&B cat who is headed to unsung in a time when he didn’t have to be. dug what you wrote, i just find Trey a one trick Pony and he doesn’t go anywhere however he is a decade and change deep more power to him

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