Highlights: Rick Ross, ‘Rather You Than Me’


Rick Ross, Rather You Than Me © EpicOn his ninth studio album, ‘Rather You Than Me,’ Rick Ross maintains the utmost consistency.  Sex, money, and drugs remains the M.O.

On his ninth studio album, Rather You Than Me, little has changed for southern rapper Rick Ross.  Ross continues to rap about the subjects that have consistently graced his albums – sex, money, and drugs.  Although Ross in in his comfort zone, Rather You Than Me gives him another solid addition to his discography.  Hey, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

“Trap Trap Trap”

“Trap Trap Trap,” featuring Young Thug and Wale, is the first indisputable highlight from Rather You Than Me. A souped-up banger, The hook latches instantly:

“I took my roof off at the red light / I took my roof off at the red light / Trap, trap, trap, trap, trap, trap.”

Ross handles the first verse, testifying about toughness.  He flexes hard over epic, malicious production work, exhibiting a tight flow.  Young Thug takes the second verse, warning of the dangers of the trap, being rich, and violence – he’s armed and dangerous.  As for Wale, he goes against the grain, making an uncharacteristic record work near-perfectly.  After all, he “ain’t nothin’ like them trap guys.”

“Dead Presidents”

“Dead Presidents” opens with Ross flaunting his machismo, once more showcasing his knack for unapologetic bangers.  “Dead Presidents” brings along Future, Young Jeezy, and Yo Gotti for the ride.  Call “Dead Presidents” what it is – money in the bank.  Most definitely a “G” anthem. 

“I Think She Like Me” 

“I Think She Like Me” represents Rick Ross in his element.  Opening with a soul sample courtesy of The Stylistics (“People Make the World Go Round”), the lush production work is fuel for his lyrical fire.  He enlists the services of Ty Dolla $ign.  While Ty has become a bit saturated, he fits the hook.

“Game Ain’t Based on Sympathy”

Soulful production work, with a touch of jazz characterizes “Game Ain’t Based on Sympathy.” “Game” definitely ranks among the smoothest joints on Rather You Than Me.  Relaxed in tempo, Ross spits effortlessly as he delivers more personal rhymes.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Rather You Than Me is another consistent, enjoyable effort from Rick Ross.  Arguably, this effort trumps his previous two efforts, Hood Billionaire and Black Market.  Maybe it even gets the edge over Mastermind.  Ross doesn’t do much differently, but he doesn’t need to.  The flex fest is as good as ever.  Flex on Rick.

Gems: “Idols Become Rivals,” “Trap Trap Trap,” “Dead Presidents,” “I Think She Like Me” & “Game Ain’t Based on Sympathy”  

Rick Ross • Rather You Than Me • Epic • Release: 3.17.17
Photo Credit: Epic

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